Cuban a la Plancha at 5300 Chop House

It wasn’t too long ago that I ate at a restaurant with an outdated online menu… and that’s exactly what happened again today.  Bah, what’s up with restaurants not keeping their websites up to date these days?!  Anyhoo, 5300 Chop House* (part of the Provident Doral resort, and Zagat-rated) was the plan for lunch today.

Before leaving the office, I looked up the menu online and definitely had my heart set on the Pan Fried Soft Shell Crab on Baguette (sandwich).  My mouth was already watering just thinking about it!  But alas… on the menu at the restaurant, the crab sandwich was nowhere to be found, so I spent the next 10 minutes brooding and perusing the menu again to decide what I wanted to order instead.  And munching on the complimentary tostones — rating: okay-fine — clogging my arteries.  They had a lot of crisp goin’ on.


I landed on the Cuban a la Plancha… labeled a sandwich on the menu, but actually a grilled wrap.  Cuban sandwich — of sorts — in a wrap.  I like Cuban sandwiches so I thought I’d give this a try.  Flour tortilla, sour orange braised pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, and a mustard mayo sauce.  Also, my choice of salad or fries.  Caesar salad it was!  Plus, since we got complimentary tostones — rating: okay/fine — as a starter for the table, I felt that I didn’t need any more artery-clogging substances flooding my body.

Disappointingly, there wasn’t anything special about the salad, though it was accompanied by a cute, but rather stale, crostini, nor anything special about the wrap, though the cheese felt a bit heavy, both in taste and in texture, and it needed more mustard.  The meats were… ordinary.  Overall, I’d give my meal an okay.  Just an okay.



The restaurant does deserve a shout out for their level of service!  The staff members were really attentive, as they checked in more than a couple times during the meal and were very polite.  Even the employees who worked in other areas of the resort were super friendly.  *thumbs up*

All in all, while the food experience was average, the service was a stand out.  And I’d go back just because of that — oh, and the 20% corporate discount — but also hope that my next culinary adventure there will be a bit more exciting…

5300 NW 87 Avenue
Miami, FL, 33178


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