Meat Kibbe, Anyone?

Life has gotten so busy lately… but I suppose that’s to be expected when you’re working full-time and completing a Master’s degree!  Hopefully after a couple months, I’ll only have to focus on work and have more time for blogging.  In the meanwhile, I still eat out — but just don’t have as much time to blog about it.

Anyhoo, my latest food adventure was to a Lebanese restaurant (and apparently hookah lounge) in Miami called Layali*.  The restaurant’s interior felt authentic/local, so I was pretty excited to see the menu.  There weren’t very many people inside when we got there though — only one or two other tables — so maybe I shouldn’t have been so excited after all.

I liked that the restaurant had lunch specials, which spanned $9 and $12 each.  Fairly reasonable prices for lunch — in Miami.  Feeling adventurous, I ordered the Meat Kibbe.  I had absolutely no idea what it was, and had never even seen it on a menu before.  It was described as “Meat and crushed wheat, filled with pine nuts, onions and minced, baked in the oven.”  Sounded promising.

20150130_layali_meatkibbeBoy was I wrong!  Firstly, I was pretty disappointed by the portion size.  It was basically a 3-in by 3-in by (less than) 1-in piece of meat, which a lot of my colleagues mistook for a piece of wheat bread, accompanied by a square ramekin of yogurt sauce — I probably got more sauce than meat!  There was also some diced tomato on the side, but it looked more like garnish than part of the meal.

Taste-wise, I wasn’t impressed either.  I mean, the meat was fine and didn’t taste bad or anything, but it wasn’t particularly tasty either.  Kind of reminded me of plain meatloaf.  The pita on the side was also not very exciting… I’d compare it to something you’d get at your general grocery store.

Overall, I’d have to say this meal was solidly below average.  I wasn’t very impressed, but to be honest, I didn’t think my last Mediterranean meal was all that spectacular anyway.  Maybe I should try something else next time.

11402 NW 41st St #115
Doral, FL 33178