Cajun-Creole at Toulouse Petit, Bon Appetit

As previously blogged, my latest project at work has brought me on an adventure to the coastal metropolis of Seattle, where I spent a couple evenings exploring the culinary sites that the city had to offer.  One evening, my journey brought me to an establishment named Toulouse Petit*, a Cajun-Creole Frenchish kind of place.

After being seated, I immediately noticed that their menu was extensive, and after spending 15 minutes (or more) perusing the booklet, decided to order an appetizer and an entree.  What to order though?  So much to choose from!

IMG_0712First up, the Rustic Duck and Wild Boar Terrine!  I’m always in the mood for delicious meats, and this classic charcuterie sure hit the spot!  It almost reminded me of a firm pate, and was superbly paired with the sweet and sour flavors of the side salad, and relatively neutral flavor of the crostini.  Palatable to the eyes, palatable to the taste.  Good.

Since I’m at a Cajun spot, I have no other choice than to follow up my appetizer with a culinarily authentic main course!  And what better option to pick than a nice, hearty bowl of gumbo!  Toulouse Seafood Gumbo, that is.  Made with housemade shrimp stock, dark mahogany roux, crawfish, shrimp, pacific fish, and housemade andouille.  


While I must admit there was plenty of seafood — read: crawfish — in the bowl, I can’t quite say the entree itself was my favorite.  It was rather salty and less creamy than I was expecting, and I probably wouldn’t order it again.  *shrug*  Below average?  Maybe my expectations were just too high after feasting on the Terrine earlier.

Overall, I’d go back to Toulouse again.  That is, if I were in the area.  Of course I’m thousands of miles away, in Miami.  Toulouse’s menu is seriously so extensive that it would take me many many trips to get through it all!  Guess I have something to look forward to when I return…

601 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109


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