Carnival Glory Cruise Day 4: St. Thomas, USVI

The cruise — and thus the eating — continues.  On day 4, the Glory stopped in St. Thomas, the port I was most looking forward to during the entire trip!  I’ve heard the scenery’s beautiful and the shopping’s great, and was disappointed on neither counts.

Speaking of St. Thomas, fun fact for you… There are four main islands that make up the U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, and Water Island.  The capital of the USVI is Charlotte Amalie, which is located on St. Thomas.

Anyhoo, I spent my day in St. Thomas touring the hilly island via air-conditioned shuttle — thank goodness for air conditioning! — a shore excursion coordinated via Carnival Cruise Lines, and of course, shopping!  Afterwards, I re-boarded the ship and got ready for dinner in the evening.  After all that activity during the day, I had worked myself up quite an appetite!

Day 4: St. Thomas
Dinner: American Table, cruise casual

Braised Ox Tongue: Onion marmalade


Rating: Fine.  A bit tough, but still tasty.  And novel!

I also had the Ceviche (marinated redfish fillets and shrimp with fresh lime juice, cilantro, chilies), but that was so unphotogenic that I just didn’t take a picture of it.  It was also kind of sitting in liquid, which was slightly unpleasant.  It reminded me of the ceviche I’ve had at Fish & Chips, possibly a bit worse, except placed on a small white serving plate instead of in a small plastic cup.  Rating… below average.

Shrimp Curry: Sauteed shrimp in a Caribbean curry sauce with chilies and tropical fruit.  Served with pilaf rice.


Rating: Okay.  Didn’t really have anything negative to say about this.  Nor anything positive.  I guess the sauce was fairly tasty.  Not unexpected from curry in general though.

And here’s what I had for dessert.  I don’t remember what it was called, but it kind of reminded me of a cinnamon roll in bread form, with sweet dipping sauces on the side.  Sugar overload for sure!  I’d give it an okay-fine.



Carnival Conquest: Lunch on Lido

Today would’ve been a great day for cruising, but since I’m not on vacation, I settled for lunch on a cruise ship instead.  Carnival Conquest here I come!

Fun fact: Carnival Cruise Lines has 24 ships in its fleet and my goal is to set foot on all of them.  Might be tricky though, since one of the ships — and soon to be two — currently sails out of Australia.

The Conquest offers a decent number of dining stations on the Lido deck, including Fish & Chips, Italian, Southern Comfort, Guy’s Burger Joint, Blue Iguana Cantina, Pizza Pirate, Deli, and Sweet Spot.  They weren’t all open for lunch today, but a majority of them were.

I started off my meal with a small cup of ceviche from Fish & Chips.  I’d bet that most passengers don’t know about this station, since it’s tucked away on the upper Lido.  The ceviche included mostly shrimp, but also bits of calamari and scallops (I think), along with diced bell pepper and onion.  Rating… okay.  Would’ve been nice if there were more calamari and scallops…


I tried the Italian station next.   Continue reading