Contra Filet (Steak) at Brazilian Fast Casual Giraffas

I haven’t posted a food adventure in a week and a half now, and it feels like an eternity!  To make up for lost time, I’ll share a recent foodie experience I had at the fast casual Brazilian restaurant Giraffas*!  (There are apparently several stores throughout Florida and also 400+ stores in Brazil.  That’s how you can tell they’re authentic!)

I went out with some co-workers for lunch to celebrate my birthday, and ordered the Contra Filet (medium), a New York Strip cut of a meat, with Chimichurri or Brazilian Vinaigrette and my choice of three sides.  For $12.99, that doesn’t sound half bad.  I chose the Chimichurri — love that stuff! — as well as farofa (described as “toasted manioc flour and mixed with scrambled egg, bacon, olives and parsley”), grilled veggies, and french fries (seasoned with rosemary, garlic, and parsley) for my sides.  FYI, you don’t have to order the rice and black beans if you don’t want to!

051015_giraffas_contrafiletThe steak was actually quite delicious.  Good, in fact — and I rarely say that!  It was fairly thinly sliced, with beautiful grill marks, and very flavorful and juicy, as you can see from the photo.  The pinnacle of my meal, hands down, especially in conjunction with the Chimichurri — so oily but so good!  The seasoned fries were pretty tasty as well, and I’d rate those a fine.

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