Spicy Korean Ramen at Bistro BulGoGi

Nooooodle time!  Korean-style Ramen noodles, that is!  And if you couldn’t already tell by my excitement… I looove noodles!

Bistro BulGoGi* located in the Miami suburb of Doral is a gourmet Korean restaurant that opened in Doral just a year ago.  Their delicious menu offers all the traditional Korean dishes, like bibimbap.  Since I hadn’t had ramen in a while, that’s what I decided to order.  Their Beef Broth Ramen includes spicy Korean ramen, which includes (as you see below) some veggies.  Overall, I’d rate this bowl a fine on my scale.  Flavorful, but really nothing terribly exciting.  And I kinda wished it came with some more veggies, particularly to balance out the spicyness.  (I like spicy, but don’t have a super high tolerance for it apparently.)


Oh, and also diners get to sample some house sides, pictured below.  Mostly small portions of salty and pickled vegetables, like kimchi (at the far right).  The kimchi was kind of spicy for my taste, but after I finished the ramen, I dunked the veggies in the broth to wash off some of the spicyness.  That made them much more tolerable!  I liked the presentation, so would probably rate this somewhere between okay and fine.


I think I’d go back again to try something new.  The atmosphere of the restaurant seemed spacious and modern.  Also seemingly unrushed during the lunch hour, which is an added bonus.

1450 NW 87th Ave #108
Miami, FL 33172