Sergio’s, I’ve Returned

Remember that time I ate at Sergio’s and said I’d be back for seconds?  Well, here I am!

I stopped by for lunch again, and decided to try one of their lunch specials, the Picadillo Flatbread.  Ground beef,  black bean hummus, white rice, sweet plantains, and a sunny-side up egg all atop a piece of flatbread.  I give you… exhibit A.


Looks good?  Well, IMO it looks better than it tasted.  The flatbread was a bit dry and hard, so I didn’t quite enjoy it, but overall the combination of ingredients was edible and flavorful — though I would’ve liked some more toppings quantity-wise.  I regret paying $8 for the quantity of food I got because I finished eating it all before most of the others in my party finished their meal — and I’m usually one of the slower eaters of the group! — and was hungry for more shortly afterwards.

The runny yolk of the egg was somewhat of the saving grace — well, if you’re like me and enjoy liquidy yolks.  Probably the highlight of my meal, in fact.  Overall, this meal was okay, but I think I’d try something other than a ‘flatbread’ the next time I’m at Sergio’s…

1640 NW 87th Avenue
Doral, FL 33172


The You-Pick-Two at Sergio’s Cuban Kitchen & Bar

I had heard of Sergio’s* for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I tried it for the first time.  I’m not generally a huge fan of Cuban — there are other Latin America cuisines I prefer, as you can probably tell if you’ve been keeping up with my blog — but I would definitely go back.  Aside from the modern interior ambiance — I was pretty impressed, if only I had taken a picture of it — the menu was fairly extensive!

100415_sergios_soupAt Sergio’s, I ordered a you-pick-two of sorts, and chose a yuca-like soup (topped with cheese) to start, followed by what the restaurant claimed to be the #1 Cuban sandwich in South Florida.

The soup was a bit on the bland side, which I was clearly forewarned about by my waitress, but I still enjoyed it for what it was.  Each spoonful was just the right degree of warm and creamy when it made its way into my mouth!  Overall, I’d rate the soup okay, maybe even fine.

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Sharkey’s in Santa Clarita

Hi friends!  Work travels brought me out to the West Coast again, this time more southern than Seattle, so what else is a foodie to do than… partake in more culinary adventures?!  Okay, quiz time.  Can you guess what this is?


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New Orleans Day Three: Lunch at The Rum House Followed by Another Two-Part Dinner

Hello there, and thanks for continuing to read my blog!  This’ll be my last post in the three-day New Orleans series of fun and interesting eats, so hopefully you enjoy it as much as I culinarily — is that a word? — enjoyed exploring this vibrant city.

After dining in the more touristy parts of town the first and second days of our NOLA trip, my friend and I decided to head to the Garden District for more quiet, subdued atmosphere and cuisine on the third day.  Our plan was to start the morning off by hoping on a streetcar — the St. Charles one to be exact — to the neighborhood and wandering around, exploring the beautiful architecture and gardens until we got hungry, at which time we would grab a bite to eat at whatever nearby establishment suited our fancy.  With plenty of food options in NOLA, we were okay with playing it by ear — even though food is very serious business!

For lunch, we ended up stopping at The Rum House*, which is right on Magazine Street, one of the main thoroughfares in the Garden District.  It took us a couple tries before we found a menu on Magazine Street that we were diggin’, but the eats here were worth the wait, and they even serve water in mason jars with neon-colored straws!


This Caribbean-inspired taqueria serves up a variety of food, from salads to sandwiches to tacos (of course!) and more.  And that’s not even considering the starters, which include various salsas and dips, or the meat entrees!  Wanting to try as much variety as we could, but also wanting to be somewhat healthy, my friend and I decided to split a Rum House salad and also a Mr. Biggs Plate Combo — that’s four tacos, one side, and a beef patty.  Sacrifice with the salad, splurge on the tacos.

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Nahuen, Patagonia Flavors

In the mood for an interesting Argentinian dining experience?  Then check out Nahuen*, part food-court, part deli, and part mini supermarket, where you can pick and choose from a variety of empanadas, sandwiches, entrees, and prepared foods!  Also make sure to wash everything down with a nice cup of Lavazza coffee!

When I visited, I ordered the Portobello Caprese for starters, a double layer of tomato and mozzarella atop a huge portobello mushroom, with a fresh basil leaf.  I then continued with a Spicy Chicken Empanada and a Veal Roll.


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Lime Has Yet to Impress, Strikes Out

I’ve been to the Lime* in Doral a couple times now, and have never been impressed by what I’ve gotten there.

This last time, I ordered the Nach’yo’momma’s Nachos and was still… (unsurprisingly) unimpressed.  From the menu description, the nachos had sounded pretty promising… I was ready for a plate packed with queso, shredded cheese, black beans, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, and jalapeños, — and I even ordered extra bell peppers and onions on the side!


While there was certainly a large quantity of food, the quality was below average in my opinion.  And I’d even go as far as to say most of the toppings were tasteless, which is the reason it gets a below average!  That made me really sad because I had originally planned on finishing off every last chip in the box.  #ilovenachos  Unfortunately, I must say that I wasn’t even able to make it halfway through the meal… and you know how I hate to leave food on the table

That’s strike three for Lime in my book!  I’ve gotten the Original Tacos several times before, but was never satisfied with the taste of those either… Also, my co-worker got sick from whatever she ate there, so I sure won’t be going back anytime soon.   There are plenty of better Mexican (and other Latin American) options in town anyway.

8484 NW 36th St
Doral, FL 33166

Contra Filet (Steak) at Brazilian Fast Casual Giraffas

I haven’t posted a food adventure in a week and a half now, and it feels like an eternity!  To make up for lost time, I’ll share a recent foodie experience I had at the fast casual Brazilian restaurant Giraffas*!  (There are apparently several stores throughout Florida and also 400+ stores in Brazil.  That’s how you can tell they’re authentic!)

I went out with some co-workers for lunch to celebrate my birthday, and ordered the Contra Filet (medium), a New York Strip cut of a meat, with Chimichurri or Brazilian Vinaigrette and my choice of three sides.  For $12.99, that doesn’t sound half bad.  I chose the Chimichurri — love that stuff! — as well as farofa (described as “toasted manioc flour and mixed with scrambled egg, bacon, olives and parsley”), grilled veggies, and french fries (seasoned with rosemary, garlic, and parsley) for my sides.  FYI, you don’t have to order the rice and black beans if you don’t want to!

051015_giraffas_contrafiletThe steak was actually quite delicious.  Good, in fact — and I rarely say that!  It was fairly thinly sliced, with beautiful grill marks, and very flavorful and juicy, as you can see from the photo.  The pinnacle of my meal, hands down, especially in conjunction with the Chimichurri — so oily but so good!  The seasoned fries were pretty tasty as well, and I’d rate those a fine.

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Tira.D.Toss Take Two!

Remember when I last blogged about the Peruvian-Japanese Tira.D.Toss?  Well I recently went back a second time, and sadly, don’t think I’d go back for a third.

I gotta say, the food there rates at least a fine in my book (pretty good!), so it’s very unfortunate that I wouldn’t return.  But the service is just… so… slow… !  I went with four others this last time, for a total of five, and our meal lasted just as long as the first.  That is, nearly two hours!

Now, before I banish Tira.D.Toss in my book forever, let me at least share what I ordered this past visit.  I present to you… the Black Dragon, described as “shrimp tempura, cucumber roll with Japanese snapper topped with avocado & eel sauce.”  At least that’s what I attempted to order.  Sounds delicious, right?  I was especially looking forward to the Japanese snapper!  Sounds exotic.


Well, when the order came out…

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Latin-Influenced Small Plates at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

Hello friends — and apologies that it’s taken so long to share this next post!  This one hails from the heart of Miami, the Wynwood Design District, to be specific.  This up-and-coming warehouse area of Miami is known for its eclectic artwork in the form of graffiti-ized murals, and definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area and have half a day or so to spare.

A couple of my friends were in town recently and we checked out Wynwood Kitchen & Bar*, a small-plate tapas restaurant whose menu is influenced by a variety of Latin cuisines.  The restaurant itself has ample seating, including an outdoor patio covered area.  As the name indicates, yes, there is also a bar!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I love tasting any and all different types of food, so naturally, I jumped at the opportunity for tapas!  The more I get to sample, the better!  Our table ended up ordering four plates to share, so without further ado, here’s our feast…

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Bolivar in South Beach

For a native Floridian, I (sadly) can’t say I’ve been to South Beach much, so I recently decided to head out there for lunch with a couple friends.

040115_bolivar_restaurantBolivar* was the lunch spot.  A little restaurant covering various LatAm (that’s Latin American, FYI) cuisines including Colombian, Venezuelan, and Peruvian, among others.  The ambiance inside was pretty festive and fun… off to a good start so far!

I really like Colombian food, so I ordered the Bandeja Paisa, which is a traditional Colombian platter of char-grilled steak, crispy pork belly, caramelized plantains, red beans, fried egg, rice, and grilled corn cake.  Sounds delicious, right?  I was hooked by “platter,” and was totally looking forward to a mountain of food.  Well, here it is…

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