Sergio’s, I’ve Returned

Remember that time I ate at Sergio’s and said I’d be back for seconds?  Well, here I am!

I stopped by for lunch again, and decided to try one of their lunch specials, the Picadillo Flatbread.  Ground beef,  black bean hummus, white rice, sweet plantains, and a sunny-side up egg all atop a piece of flatbread.  I give you… exhibit A.


Looks good?  Well, IMO it looks better than it tasted.  The flatbread was a bit dry and hard, so I didn’t quite enjoy it, but overall the combination of ingredients was edible and flavorful — though I would’ve liked some more toppings quantity-wise.  I regret paying $8 for the quantity of food I got because I finished eating it all before most of the others in my party finished their meal — and I’m usually one of the slower eaters of the group! — and was hungry for more shortly afterwards.

The runny yolk of the egg was somewhat of the saving grace — well, if you’re like me and enjoy liquidy yolks.  Probably the highlight of my meal, in fact.  Overall, this meal was okay, but I think I’d try something other than a ‘flatbread’ the next time I’m at Sergio’s…

1640 NW 87th Avenue
Doral, FL 33172


The You-Pick-Two at Sergio’s Cuban Kitchen & Bar

I had heard of Sergio’s* for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I tried it for the first time.  I’m not generally a huge fan of Cuban — there are other Latin America cuisines I prefer, as you can probably tell if you’ve been keeping up with my blog — but I would definitely go back.  Aside from the modern interior ambiance — I was pretty impressed, if only I had taken a picture of it — the menu was fairly extensive!

100415_sergios_soupAt Sergio’s, I ordered a you-pick-two of sorts, and chose a yuca-like soup (topped with cheese) to start, followed by what the restaurant claimed to be the #1 Cuban sandwich in South Florida.

The soup was a bit on the bland side, which I was clearly forewarned about by my waitress, but I still enjoyed it for what it was.  Each spoonful was just the right degree of warm and creamy when it made its way into my mouth!  Overall, I’d rate the soup okay, maybe even fine.

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Cuban a la Plancha at 5300 Chop House

It wasn’t too long ago that I ate at a restaurant with an outdated online menu… and that’s exactly what happened again today.  Bah, what’s up with restaurants not keeping their websites up to date these days?!  Anyhoo, 5300 Chop House* (part of the Provident Doral resort, and Zagat-rated) was the plan for lunch today.

Before leaving the office, I looked up the menu online and definitely had my heart set on the Pan Fried Soft Shell Crab on Baguette (sandwich).  My mouth was already watering just thinking about it!  But alas… on the menu at the restaurant, the crab sandwich was nowhere to be found, so I spent the next 10 minutes brooding and perusing the menu again to decide what I wanted to order instead.  And munching on the complimentary tostones — rating: okay-fine — clogging my arteries.  They had a lot of crisp goin’ on.


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