A Steak Salad That’s Heavy on the Steak?!

A recent work trip landed me in Seattle, which a great city for exploring new restaurants!  My first culinary stop of the trip was at Peso’s Kitchen & Lounge*, a Mexican spot along a strip of restaurants and small shops in downtown.  (It has a huge menu, by the way!)

When I travel, I’m generally not in the mood for heavy meals, so salads are usually acceptable solutions.  At Peso’s, I ordered the Carne Asada “Steak Salad,” which included tomatoes and sweet grilled onions poblanos, fried shallots, corn, and basil, topped with a smoked paprika vinaigrette.  It sounded and looked completely delicious!


First of all, I was very surprised to see proportionately more steak than salad!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of meats, but not so much when I’m ordering salad.  And unfortunately, the steak was quite salty, unpleasantly so after the first two bites.  The redeeming quality about the steak was that it was tender, which made for pleasant consumption.

I can’t say I made it through the entire plate.  In fact, I’m not sure if a salad has ever made me feel so unhealthy… !  In addition to the overly salted meat, the disproportionate amount of onions and shallots, as well as salad dressing contributed to a somewhat unpleasant dining experience.  Overall rating?  Okay.

The redeeming quality of the whole meal was the (complimentary) chips and salsa that were provided as starters.  Both seemed freshly made, and were so good that I didn’t even bother to stop eating and take a picture of them.  The salsa had just the right amount of kick and the chips didn’t seem too oily.

I’ll be posting some more about my West Coast adventures in the upcoming days, so be sure to stay tuned!

605 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109


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