Lunching in Luxury: The Colonnade Aboard Seabourn Odyssey

Clearly, I’m overdue for a post.

Well you’re in luck because today I had the pleasure of lunching in The Colonnade aboard the luxurious Seabourn Odyssey cruise ship while she was docked in Port Everglades!  You can think of The Colonnade as an abbreviated version of the lido/buffet on other more contemporary cruise lines, like Carnival.  It’s smaller-scale, but also noticeably tastier!  It’s not often that a Seabourn ship visits South Florida, so I was super excited to sample.

Since I approached the hot food station first, I actually started off my meal with an entree plate instead of appetizers.  Here’s the salmon with bok choi (though if you ask me, I’m not so sure I recognized the bok choi there… ), with curried cauliflower and roasted pumpkin on the side.  Note the very nice presentation of the salmon and veggies!  FYI, the placement of the veggies was done by yours truly, as I was inspired by the rest of the plate.


The salmon was delicious… just the right degree of moisture and balanced salt/sugar combination.  The veggies were also nicely sauteed as well.  The curried cauliflower had a bit of a kick, which I wouldn’t necessarily classify as spicy… maybe more spice-y.  In other words, flavorful.  The roasted pumpkin was pretty flavorful too, but not overly so.  Overall, we’re off to a good start!

Next up, the tomato soup with croutons.  It’s kinda tangy, almost to the point where it packed a tangy kick.  But that was fine by me, because I enjoyed it.  The fact that it came in a mini tureen was both amusing and also retrospectively appreciated, since that did its job well of keeping my soup warm while I finished off the salmon and veggies.


Moving on with the appetizers… cheese time!  That’s Swiss Emmental and Norwegian goat cheese you see in the bottom left corner of the photo below.  The goat cheese is the brown one.  When I first saw it, I thought it was a slab of smooth peanut butter (that could theoretically pair well with cheese, right?!), so I was intrigued to try it.  No regrets there!  I enjoyed this sweet cheese a great bit!  The Swiss was pretty flavorful too.  Undoubtedly, I ate it all.  And I kinda want more now just thinking about it.  Mmm, cheese…


The dark red slab clockwise to the cheese is a piece of duck meat, but IMO, it was a bit tough, watery, and flavorless.  Guess that’s why it’s paired with some sort of berry jam.  But there were seeds in the jam, so… ugh.  Not very pleasant, texture-wise.  Might’ve been my least favorite part of the meal, actually.  Guess I won’t be getting seconds of that!  A definite no.

Next in line is the smoked salmon.  Pretty tender, pretty delicious.  And the tan piece in the middle of the plate above is smoked trout.  It was a bit dry, so not quite my cup of tea.

Tomato and mozzarella up top.  Can’t go wrong there, though nothing to write home about either…

To the right is al dente orecchiette pasta with salmon (do you see a theme yet?).  This was fine as well.

Okay, clearly I was still hungry, so plate number three begins with another entree, though more of an entree taster portion because I didn’t feel like filling up on rice and beef.  Pilaf rice and beef bourguignon, that is.  The pilaf rice… so chewy!  Chewy rice is the best!  The beef… so salty!  Or maybe that’s just how it’s made, and I just discovered I’m not a huge fan.  *shrug*  I wouldn’t doubt the quality of it since the quality of most everything else was pretty darn good.  #beentheredonethatnoneedtogoback


And in the background is the tres leches cake.  So rich!  And sugary!  Two bites and I was done.  Let’s just say I enjoyed the vanilla and coconut ice cream more.  Doesn’t hurt that it came in a cold glass atop a cold saucer.  #attentiontodetail  It’s not pictured because I had nearly finished it before I remembered to take a photo…

Now let’s raise our glasses to being 10 pounds heavier!  And yes, we can do that because the wine onboard is complimentary!  #keepitflowing  #wateronly  #onthejob


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