P.F. Chang’s Crispy Honey Chicken Lunch Special

The special thing about a lunch special is that you supposedly get more bang for your buck, right?  Specials usually come with a soup, salad, or taste of an appetizer.  And sometimes even with a dessert afterwards.

I’ve eaten at P.F. Chang’s before, but have never ordered off their lunch specials menu.  After lunch last week, I learned that P.F. Chang’s lunch specials leave a lot to be desired, at least portion-wise.

011915_pfchangs_eggdropGiven a choice of soup or salad, I went with the former and ordered a cup of Egg Drop Soup.  The soup was all right, a bit saltier than I was expecting — egg drop soup is usually pretty bland — but still decent, okay-fine.

I also ordered the Crispy Honey Chicken entree.  Sweet & salty is one of my favorite taste profiles, and while the chicken tasted fine, I was pretty unamused at the overall chicken to rice ratio!  Look at that mountain of rice, sitting next to a noticeably blunt dune of chicken.  That’s like one bite of chicken for every five mouthfuls of rice!  Very disappointing, Mr. Chang!  *shakes fist*

I consumed all the rice on my plate, and two fortune cookies later, I was still hungry.  In fact, I even left the restaurant hungry!  While overall food quality was decent, I’ll have to think twice about revisiting when I’m in a ravenous mood (which is before nearly every meal)…



Pan-Asian Potluck at P.F. Chang’s

After a looooong tiring (weekend) day of work, a few co-workers and I headed over to P.F. Chang’s at Mary Brickell Village for a late lunch — or I suppose early dinner, depending on how you want to look at it.  T’was about 4:00p when we got there.  No matter, Pan-Asian is pretty good at any time of the day.  Just sayin’.

Mentally immobilized and physically exhausted, we wanted food in our bellies ASAP, so we flagged the waiter over almost immediately after we sat down at a table.  We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and I’m sure some of us didn’t even eat breakfast!

080314_pfchangs_lettucewrapsAs a starter for the table, we chose Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps, the restaurant’s signature appetizer with wok-seared chicken, mushrooms, green onions, and water chestnuts over crispy rice sticks and lettuce cups.  I’d give it 4 stars out of 5, fine.  The red dipping sauce on the left was spicy, but there was a hint of something in there that didn’t play well with my taste buds, so I avoided it like the plague.  Bleh.

We also ordered four dishes to share for the table… a rice dish, a noodle dish, a chicken dish, and a beef dish.  #familystyle Continue reading