Interesting & Adventurous Eats

Here’s a list of all the interesting and unique foods (mostly meats and seafood) I’ve eaten so far in my life:

Prior to 2012:

  • Beef:  Ox-tail, tendon, tongue, brain
  • Pork: Feet, stomach, ear
  • Chicken: Feet, gizzard, heart, brain
  • Duck: Feet, tongue, brain
  • Other meats: Bison, lamb, goat
  • Seafood: Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, eel, conch, sea cucumber, shark fin
  • Other: Escargot, frog legs

2012 and onward:

  • Japanese River Crabs (Sushisamba, New York, NY: Mar 2012)
  • Foie Gras (Paris, France: May 2012)
  • Alligator (Carnival Triumph/Breeze: Apr 2014; Creole Tomato Festival, New Orleans, LA: June 2015)
  • Caribou, elk (BBQ at The Bazaar, Skagway, AK: May 2014)
  • Veal (Il Gabbiano, Miami, FL: Aug 2014)
  • Marlin (de Rodriguez, Miami, FL: Sept 2014)
  • Rabbit, beef tongue (Carnival Glory: Sept 2014)

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