Steakhouse Review: Fahrenheit 555

Any meat-lovers out there?  If so, this post’s for you!

As I mentioned in a prior entry, I cruised on the Carnival Breeze back in April.  And, of course, since I’m a foodie, I decided to try out the steakhouse onboard, Fahrenheit 555.

Pros?  It’s a specialty venue, which means that only a limited number of people can dine there per cruise and it promises food of a supposedly higher caliber than what’s offered in the main dining room.

Cons?  It’s a specialty venue, so the limited seating will most likely mean that if you don’t reserve early, you’ll be stuck with super early/late dining times — or even worse, no dining times.  There’s also an additional fee to dine.  $35 per person, in fact.  Not exactly chump change, but worth it for the experience, I guess.

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