Only 200 Miles to (Chefs de) France!

Dear Readers, today, I am writing to you from France’s neighboring country of Belgium, land of delectably delectable chocolates!  I’ll be here for the next two weeks, on vacation, and blogging to you about my food adventures abroad — can’t wait to sample and share!

Gotcha!  Juuust kidding… I know it’s not April Fool’s, but I was just in the spirit.  I’m not really in Belgium.  In fact, I’m not even in Europe or anywhere near France at all!  Were you fooled, maybe just for a second?  I mean, after all the posts about the delicious food I’ve published so far, why wouldn’t I be traveling around Europe, trying the finest that the continent has to offer?!  Well, for now I will say that I have actually been to Paris, France before, but today’s post will be about something a bit closer to home.  So close it’s even in the same state.

I’m talking about the France pavilion in Disney’s very own Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, FYI) Center theme park near Orlando, Florida!  Last week, I vacationed with my family in Disney and lunched at the Chefs de France* French bistro located within the park.  We ordered a crepe and a three-course meal to split among three people.


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