Second Eataly in US Calls Chicago Home

Since I’ve spent a decent chunk of my life in Chicago, I’ve come to think of it as my second home.  I recently visited over a long weekend and ate at some great restaurants, including the Italian superstore-restaurant Eataly* that just opened this past December.  (The original US Eataly opened in August 2010 in NYC.)

eataly_menu_061514The massive bi-level multi-restaurant superstore is essentially a one-stop shop for all things Italian-kitchen!  Part grocery store, part kitchenware shop, part restaurant, Eataly is like an Italian paradise 5,000 miles from the mainland!  #foodieheaven

I had heard great things particularly about the pasta station, La Pizza & La Pasta, so was eager to stop by for dinner.  Once seated at a table, I was presented with bread and olive oil with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.  No hesitation on my part in grabbing a piece of bread and dunking it in the oily-cheesy-goodness.  The subtle flavors were rather enjoyable.  Off to a good start so far.

For my main course, I ordered the Pasta al Forno al Ragú — or lasagna with Bolognese sauce for any non-Italian speakers.  Decent presentation, decent taste.  Overall rating of fine, I’d say.


Relatively thin pasta layers for lasagna, but good proportion of ingredients to pasta.  I was satiated about halfway through — guess it’s my fault for filling up on bread earlier — but I kept eating because I didn’t want to take home leftovers in a doggie bag.  How else would I get to try other new restaurants while I was in town?!

The pizza/pasta station at Eataly Chicago has the same menu for lunch and dinner.  Check it out here.

43 E Ohio Street
Chicago, IL 60611