Sharkey’s in Santa Clarita

Hi friends!  Work travels brought me out to the West Coast again, this time more southern than Seattle, so what else is a foodie to do than… partake in more culinary adventures?!  Okay, quiz time.  Can you guess what this is?


If you guessed pizza, ding ding ding!  Winner winner chicken dinner!  It’s the Chipotle BBQ Chicken Pizza from Sharkey’s* in Santa Clarita, California.

Ingredients, you ask?  Chipotle BBQ sauce, 4 types of cheeses, tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, and green onion atop a Chipotle tortilla crust.  Also, every diner receives a bag of chips on the side, which come with free reign on the salsa bar, which I was even more excited about!

Overall, I think I’m going to have to rate the pizza a no.  Even though the colorful presentation made it quite the Holi festival for my eyes, there was way (way way) too much BBQ sauce on the pizza for me to enjoy it.  In fact, I ended up eating two slices (actually less because I avoided the parts slathered in BBQ sauce like the plague) before giving up on the pie.  That’s right, most of it sadly went to waste.  And you don’t know how much that really pains me.  Because really, I hate (hate hate) letting food go to waste!


Thankfully, the chips were a saving grace and I didn’t go hungry for the rest of the evening.  Firm enough that they didn’t break upon dipping, yet crispy enough to cleanly snap at the first bite, these chips also did not leave me with a greasy feeling at the pit of my stomach half an hour after eating them, unlike the chips at some other fast food restaurants.  I also enjoyed sampling the different varieties of salsa.  Fine!

Would I go back?  Well, Sharkey’s has many other Mexican options, so perhaps I’d be willing to give something other than this pizza a shot.

24201 Valencia Blvd #109
Valencia, CA 91355


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