Miami Spice: Market at EDITION

In different cities during different times of the year, restaurants feature special prix fixe menus at a discount.  Chicago has Restaurant Week — actually more like two weeks — around February.  New Orleans‘ Restaurant Week lasts about a week in September.  And Miami has Miami Spice, two months devoted to discounted good eats during the summer months of August and September.

080815_market_menuJust yesterday, I experienced my first ever Miami Spice — about time, since I’ve lived in the area for so long — at Market* at EDITION, a swanky Marriott hotel with a backdoor entrance to the gorgeous Miami Beach!  I was there for lunch, courtesy of a team offsite for work.  The inside of the restaurant reminded me of a European-style food bazaar — even though the menu was more American — with its hanging meats, seafood bar, and clean-cut white furnishings.


My $23 prix fixe lunch lineup included:

  • Crunchy Calamari, with citrus-chili dip
  • Florida Grouper Sandwich, with chipotle mayo
  • Salted Caramel Sundae, with candied peanuts and popcorn, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce

My thoughts?

The Calamari was awesome.  Very flavorful and very (lightly) crunchy!  Great presentation too.  Good.  The meal was off to a great start!


The Grouper Sandwich, sadly somewhat disappointing.  The fish was good, as was the bread — it had that slightly buttery kind of taste — but the raw veggies inside were soggy and the combination of ingredients tasted slightly weird.  There were also these pickled cucumber slices, which were good by themselves, but not great with the rest of the sandwich.  Very tangy, vinegary.  And the chipotle mayo was a bit heavy, bit too much.  Also, the fries were mediocre.  They oil they were fried in seemed kind of heavy, in that unhealthy way.  I’d say the entree overall was okay at best.


The Sundae was solid.  Despite being caramel-flavored, the ice cream wasn’t overly sweet — a plus — and the salted/caramel accessories were a nice complement, especially the popcorn.  Great presentation here too.  Also good.


Overall, the entree at Market wasn’t my favorite, so I wouldn’t order that again, but at least the meal started strong and ended strong!

2901 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33140


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