New Orleans Day Three: Lunch at The Rum House Followed by Another Two-Part Dinner

Hello there, and thanks for continuing to read my blog!  This’ll be my last post in the three-day New Orleans series of fun and interesting eats, so hopefully you enjoy it as much as I culinarily — is that a word? — enjoyed exploring this vibrant city.

After dining in the more touristy parts of town the first and second days of our NOLA trip, my friend and I decided to head to the Garden District for more quiet, subdued atmosphere and cuisine on the third day.  Our plan was to start the morning off by hoping on a streetcar — the St. Charles one to be exact — to the neighborhood and wandering around, exploring the beautiful architecture and gardens until we got hungry, at which time we would grab a bite to eat at whatever nearby establishment suited our fancy.  With plenty of food options in NOLA, we were okay with playing it by ear — even though food is very serious business!

For lunch, we ended up stopping at The Rum House*, which is right on Magazine Street, one of the main thoroughfares in the Garden District.  It took us a couple tries before we found a menu on Magazine Street that we were diggin’, but the eats here were worth the wait, and they even serve water in mason jars with neon-colored straws!


This Caribbean-inspired taqueria serves up a variety of food, from salads to sandwiches to tacos (of course!) and more.  And that’s not even considering the starters, which include various salsas and dips, or the meat entrees!  Wanting to try as much variety as we could, but also wanting to be somewhat healthy, my friend and I decided to split a Rum House salad and also a Mr. Biggs Plate Combo — that’s four tacos, one side, and a beef patty.  Sacrifice with the salad, splurge on the tacos.

First up, the Rum House Salad.  Spinach, roasted sweet potato, toasted pecans, beets, goat cheese crumbles, shaved red onions, and a curry vinaigrette.  All I have to say is… so good!  The combination of ingredients made it one of the best salads that I’ve had in a really long time.  It had the sweet and salty thang goin’ on — one of my favorite taste profiles, as I’ve mentioned before — and the ingredients tasted fresh.


Next, the Combo.  These are the tacos we ordered: The Carolina (Pulled pork, jalapeno slaw, spicy vinegar BBQ sauce and a roasted corn relish), Seared Scallop (Scotch bonnet onion marmalade and fried leeks), Calypso Beef (Island marinated flank steak, guacamole and lime cream), and Duck Duck Goose (Snow pea & carrot slaw, Clement creole shrub rhum sauce and crispy duck crackling).  Drooling yet?!  Well, I am, just thinking about them again!

I must say they were pretty solid tacos, and each had its own unique twist.  I think I’d rate this Plate a fine overall.  There may have been a taco or two that were too flavorful (read: salty) by the third bite, but overall, the set was pretty tasty.  Also, compared to buying four singular tacos, the Plate essentially nets you a “free” side and a beef patty.  No complaining here.


I think I’d come back again.  That is, if I actually lived in town…

After lunch, my friend and I explored more of the Garden District before heading back toward our hotel in search of a meal for dinner.  Back at our hotel, we scoped out a few menus, one of which was for Mike Anderson’s Seafood*.  Excited about the prospect of fresh seafood and also that the closest location was only a couple blocks away at the Riverwalk Outlets (an outdoor mall), we decided to make it our last meal in NOLA.

Lo and behold when we got there, we saw that the “restaurant” turned out to be only a measly station in the mall’s food court instead of an actual standalone establishment.  What a bummer!  We were very much looking forward to one last nice meal in The Big Easy, but to our great disappointment, we had to settle for one simple plate of char-grilled oysters.  However… those were some DARN GOOD — is that even on my scale?! — oysters.  So buttery!  So well seasoned!  So soft!  So… all-around perfect!  I sometimes still dream about them.  Okay, just kidding… or am I?!  They don’t look like much, but they sure were delicious.


Unfortunately though, that wasn’t enough to tide me over for all of dinner, so on our way back to the hotel, I decided to grab a quick second dinner at Popeyes.  I had never eaten at Popeyes before, so I was especially excited to try Louisiana Popeyes in Louisana!  Come on, how can you get any more authentic than that?!

I ordered a combo of Fish & Popcorn Shrimp, along with some Cajun Fries.  The meal also came with a biscuit and soft drink.  FYI, for those of you that have never had a Popeyes biscuit before…. I gotta say that you’re missing out big time.  They are so good!  So buttery, just slightly salty… I could eat them all day!  Except then my stomach and/or arteries might malfunction.  And that wouldn’t be good for the readership of my blog because I’d think hospital food would be much less exciting,  (What, you thought I would stop blogging?)  Anyhoo, my rating for the meal… maybe good-fine?  T’wasn’t anything particularly mind-blowing, but it was decent for fast food.

All in all, New Orleans took me on some great food adventures, and I’m super grateful that I got to visit for a quick getaway and share my experiences.  That’s one more city checked off my bucket list, and certainly many unforgettable memories captured, both culinary and non.

3128 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115

500 Port of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA 70130


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