New Orleans Day Two, Part One: Lunch on the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship

After sleeping in on day two of my Southern adventure, the morning began with a one mile stroll from the hotel to the Port of New Orleans, where the Carnival Dream was docked alongside the Mississippi River.  That’s right, time for lunchin’ onboard another Carnival cruise ship!

On today’s menu: Indian, Pizza, and also… dessert!  Only select ships within the Carnival fleet offer an Indian station on Lido (i.e. buffet area), and since it’s one of my favorite lunch spots, I was super glad that I was onboard one that did.  Once onboard, I made a beeline for the Indian station, which surprisingly is a relatively empty one (likely because it’s tucked away toward the back of the deck), and started piling on the butter chicken, corn, rice, and naan.


After I was done consuming round one… I decided that I should pace myself, take it slow, since I had a couple more hours left before the ship staff was going to boot me back to dry land.  I walked around the perimeter of the buffet once… or twice… or maybe three times (burning more calories so I could stuff my face with even more food!) and surveyed my options.  There are so many choices on a cruise ship that it must be so great, yet so overwhelming for first time cruisers!  I know because I was once one.

I ended up at the pizza station, another crowd favorite.  Carnival does their pizza thin-crust style, and made to order, with four to five available varieties.  (Oh, and not everyone knows this, but you can order salad at that station too!)  I always love watching an artist (i.e. the pizza maker) at his craft, flipping the dough.  Question, does anyone know a one-word term for “pizza maker”?!  Anyhoo, I ordered the Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) pizza, which is probably my favorite of the set.  But come on now, who doesn’t like cheese?!


I followed the pizza up with some dessert in the form of mango mousse and New York-style cheesecake, two of the most popular desserts found on Lido.  The mango mousse was particularly good because it wasn’t super sweet, though I could never make it through an entire slice of cheesecake.  (I think that might just be me.)  Sadly, the sweets were already gone by the time I remembered to snap a photo, but not worries, here they are at the bottom of a separate post from that time I had lunch on Lido of the Carnival Conquest.

Needless to say, after lunch, it was time to walk off some calories by self-touring the rest of the ship… #justkeepwalking #feeltheburn(fromtheconsumptionofcalories)

Stay tuned for more of day two’s foodie adventures…


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