First Meal of My NOLA Adventure, Not Quite Wowed By the WOW Cafe

All right everyone, I finally have a moment to breathe.  And more importantly, to blog!

I know y’all — See what I did there?  If not, see #2. — have been anxiously awaiting to hear about my gastronomic adventures in the The Big Easy, otherwise known as Nawlins, otherwise known as NOLA, otherwise known as (yep, you guessed it) New Orleans!  Well, over the next few posts, I’ll be reliving my culinary journey through this cultural and historic city, through the lens of good ole Southern food.

A good friend of mine from Chicago and I both flew into the city Friday evening.  We decided to drop off our stuff at the hotel and grab a quick dinner before retiring early in preparation for a full day’s worth of exploring the next day.  After our pit stop, we asked the hotel staff if they had any recommendations for dinner.  Sure enough, they pointed us a few blocks north, in the direction of Iberville Street and Bienville Street, where there were lots of seafood restaurants.

With mouths watering and day (night?) dreams of soft-shelled crab, we headed that way, but soon encountered lines upon lines of people waiting (outside the restaurants even!) to be seated.  We were bold enough to ask one of the establishments how long the wait would be, and upon hearing 1.5 hours, we turned right around and headed back downtown to the main thoroughfare where our hotel was located to see what other options we had.  We walked up and down the street a couple times, and even tried peeking around side streets, but nothing really caught our eye.  It soon looked like it was going to start pouring, so we decided that we’d stop at the next restaurant we found even remotely appealing.

That restaurant was WOW Cafe, American Grill & Wingery.  Their menu isn’t extensive, but it featured a couple po’ boys and a couple meat plates, which was authentic enough for us at the time.  After all, it was getting late and stormy, and we were running out of options and getting very hungry.

IMG_1923I ordered a slightly boring Chicken Sandwich, fried — The other option was grilled, but go big or go home, right?! — which was adorned with lettuce and pickles layered in between a “signature” sourdough bun.  I also got to choose a side to accompany my sandwich, so I chose the most authentic NOLA one I could find on the menu, red beans and rice!

I’d rate the sandwich a fine-good.  It wasn’t anything too special in terms of content or presentation, but it was a decent tasting sandwich, and also sufficiently large!  Just look at that piece of chicken.  It’s nearly as big as the two slices of bread combined!  The red beans and rice were pretty standard too, but decent tasting comfort food.  Overall, nothing earth-shattering here — not that I was expecting it — but pretty decent grill food.

Not exactly what you were expecting from New Orleans?  Just you wait, don’t be disappointed yet.  The trip is still young and it only gets better from here.  I’ve got three full days of exploring and eating left, so there’ll be plenty of other (more authentic) eats and eateries that I’ll be blogging about.  More Nawlins culinary escapes to come!

300 Canal St
New Orleans, LA


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