Nahuen, Patagonia Flavors

In the mood for an interesting Argentinian dining experience?  Then check out Nahuen*, part food-court, part deli, and part mini supermarket, where you can pick and choose from a variety of empanadas, sandwiches, entrees, and prepared foods!  Also make sure to wash everything down with a nice cup of Lavazza coffee!

When I visited, I ordered the Portobello Caprese for starters, a double layer of tomato and mozzarella atop a huge portobello mushroom, with a fresh basil leaf.  I then continued with a Spicy Chicken Empanada and a Veal Roll.



The prepared foods (Caprese and Roll) were priced by the pound, and while I’m not sure what the exact price of each was (because it wasn’t written on my receipt nor posted anywhere clearly visible in the store), I might guess the per-pound cost was somewhere around 14.99.  Nahuen’s empanadas are $2.50 each.

I’d rate both of the prepared food items a fine or better.  Chicken empanada gets an okay.  My friend ordered the spicy beef version, which I’d argue is better.  And also spicier!  (I’d give that one at least a fine.)  I tend to appreciate a menu with a unique selections… so that may or may not have naturally boosted some of my ratings… just sayin’.  #novelty

10375 NW 41st
Doral, FL 33178


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