Back at Green Plate Asian Bistro

Even though I have just an average opinion of Green Plate Asian Bistro*, my co-workers seem to like it, so I was recently back again there for lunch a third time.  They say third time’s a charm, right?

This time I ordered the Green Plate Asian Ribs from the Hot Plates section of the menu.  36-hour-Sous vide baby back ribs with House Asian barbecue sauce and white rice, and also a choice of miso soup or house salad with ginger dressing.  I chose the salad in an attempt to be healthy.  (But who was I kidding… look at that slathering of dressing!)


I had no idea what “sous vide” was, but I read “baby back ribs” and was sold.  I later Wikipedia-ed the term and learned that it was a method of cooking whereby the food is put into an airtight bag and placed in a water bath or steam environment at a lower-than-usual cooking temperature for a longer-than-usual cooking time.  This method of cooking allows the meat (or vegetables) to be cooked more evenly and also retain moisture.  Hm, learn something new every day…

Anyhoo, the meat from the ribs were definitely moist and I very much enjoyed the texture.  Not too hard/stiff and not too soft, but more on the soft side!  The one complaint that I do have is that the chef’s hand was a bit heavy on the sauce/glaze.  It seemed like the ribs were (a bit too much) drenched in flavor and I found myself trying to spoon it off and to the side.  From the picture, it might not look like there was that an extravagant amount of sauce, but it was so strongly flavored (in a good way) that a little would’ve gone a long way.


On the bright side, the bowl of rice was huge!  Again, it might not look like it from the picture, but the quantity of rice was so large that I couldn’t even finish all of it, which kind of made me sad.  I hate leaving food on the table.  #nofoodleftbehind  I once heard that for every grain of rice that’s left in your bowl, you will grow a pimple… or was it a pockmark?  *shrug*  Superstitions…

Overall, I’d rate this meal somewhere between okay and fine.  I would’ve rated it a fine, but there was just too much sauce on the ribs.  (It probably doesn’t help that my co-worker ordered the Sesame Chicken, which was doused in even more sauce than my Asian Ribs.)  My overall opinion of Green Plate isn’t completely swayed in either direction yet, so I suppose I might be willing to give it one last try to impress before I start seeking out another Pan-Asian fusion go-to in Doral.

9901 NW 41st St
Doral, FL 33178


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