Dim Sum is Fun!

Last year, I blogged about China Pavilion*, a Chinese restaurant in Pembroke Pines.  At the time, I ate there for dinner and feasted on family-style plates of Pork and Eggplant in Garlic Sauce, Peking pork chops, and Lamb Stew Casserole.  After the restaurant relocated from the corner of Pines Boulevard and Flamingo Road to the corner of Pines Boulevard and Palm Avenue, I’ve visited several more times, two of which have been during this current month!  I sure love me some dim sum.  #dimsumyumyum

On a related note, when I last blogged about Pine Court Chinese Bistro, another Chinese restaurant in south Florida, I mentioned a couple of my favorite small plates, but didn’t show any pictures, so I’ll make it up for it in this post by sharing some of those goodies — and more!  Here they are, in no particular order, and with no ratings this time…

Hargow shrimp dumpling.  One of the most classic dim sum dishes.  According to Wikipedia, the wrapper should have at least seven pleats and the amount of shrimp should be generous but not so much that it can’t be eaten in one bite.  Who knew?!


Shumai pork (and mushroom) dumpling.  Sometimes, shrimp is a key ingredient in this dim sum as well.  The center is many times garnished with some orange roe.  This is another very classic dim sum dish.


Steamed beef honeycomb, also known as honeycomb tripe.  Stomach of cow.  In fact, the seconds chamber of the cow’s stomach, or the reticulum.  It might sound disgusting, but it’s not half bad.  Fair warning, it’s slightly chewy.  In the picture above, it’s the yellow stuff in the upper right.

Fish balls with watercress.  This is made from fish paste — yes, actual fish meat is still involved here.  It’s a little light on the watercress, IMO.  Pictured above, bottom right.

Spareribs with black bean sauce.  Cut into little pieces, for easier consumption.  Bell peppers for garnish.


Stuffed eggplant.  What’s the stuffing you ask?  More shrimp!  This is probably my favorite dim sum dish.  It has great flavor, and the eggplant is pan-fried.  The fact that it’s pan-fried probably doesn’t bode too well for my health though… pictured below, upper right.


Shrimp crepe / rice paste / however-else-you-want-to-call-it.  Essentially, shrimp rolled in soft, slippery wide rice noodle.  This is another of my favorites, particularly since the dipping sauce is both sweet and salty — one of my favorite taste profiles!  Bottom right, above.  There’s also a mixed vegetable version of this dish, which is pretty decent as well.  Pictured left in the photo above.

Fun gor is another type of steamed dumpling, filled with chopped peanuts, garlic chives, ground pork, and shiitake mushrooms.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of peanuts, especially along with other “soft” food items, so I don’t typically order this dish.


Egg custard tarts.  These little pastries are typically served warm, but are good cold as well.  I like to eat these as they end of my meal, as I tend to think of them more as dessert.



I’m salivating again just talking about all this food and posting all these pictures.  Are you hungry yet?!  If you’ve had dim sum before, what’s your favorite dish(es)?

10041 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024


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