A Big Bowl of Bun (Vietnamese Rice Noodles)

Before returning home from vacationing in Disney, we decided to stop for Vietnamese in Orlando, at the Little Saigon* restaurant on Colonial Drive.  Vietnamese in Orlando is supposedly better than it is in South Florida, so we thought the extra 20 mile (round-trip) commute would be worth it.

At Vietnamese restaurants, I really only order one of two things… Pho (rice noodles in broth) or Bun (rice noodle “salad” that you add fish sauce to for flavoring).  At Little Saigon, I ordered the Bun with grilled pork and spring rolls.  I called it a noodle “salad” because as you can see, it comes with a bunch of lettuce, cucumbers, and bean spouts (and occasionally, other veggies and herbs as well)!

The sauce comes on the side, and you essentially add as much as you want to the bowl before thoroughly stirring up the ingredients.  On a related note, those who I’ve talked to about fish sauce either love it or hate it.  Me, I love it — at least when used sparingly.  If you’ve tried it, what do you think?


Overall, I’d give my meal a rating of fine.  Portion size was very reasonable.  As a result of finishing the entire bowl, I’d say I was contentedly full.  A nap afterward would’ve been delightful…  Anyhoo, I’d ordered it again.  If only I lived nearby… Price was also fairly reasonable, at $8 (if I remember correctly) a bowl.

I also had a Che Ba Mau, or three-color bean drink, which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of since I finished it way too quickly.  What can I say, it was quite delicious!  It’s essentially a dessert-type drink that’s made of a few essential ingredients: red beans, mung beans, jelly, coconut milk/cream, and shaved ice.  Here are some pictures from Google.

Glad I ended my vacation on a high note.  Afterwards, it was time to head South, back home.

1106 E Colonial Dr,
Orlando, FL 32803


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