Only 200 Miles to (Chefs de) France!

Dear Readers, today, I am writing to you from France’s neighboring country of Belgium, land of delectably delectable chocolates!  I’ll be here for the next two weeks, on vacation, and blogging to you about my food adventures abroad — can’t wait to sample and share!

Gotcha!  Juuust kidding… I know it’s not April Fool’s, but I was just in the spirit.  I’m not really in Belgium.  In fact, I’m not even in Europe or anywhere near France at all!  Were you fooled, maybe just for a second?  I mean, after all the posts about the delicious food I’ve published so far, why wouldn’t I be traveling around Europe, trying the finest that the continent has to offer?!  Well, for now I will say that I have actually been to Paris, France before, but today’s post will be about something a bit closer to home.  So close it’s even in the same state.

I’m talking about the France pavilion in Disney’s very own Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, FYI) Center theme park near Orlando, Florida!  Last week, I vacationed with my family in Disney and lunched at the Chefs de France* French bistro located within the park.  We ordered a crepe and a three-course meal to split among three people.


First, the crepe.  Here it is at the very left of the image below.  Doesn’t look like what you’d normally envision for a crepe, does it?  I wasn’t expecting it in this form either.  It’s called Crêpe à la Tartiflette de Savoie (Crêpe from the Alps), and is filled with smoked ham, onions, and potatoes, and topped with melted reblochon cheese.  It tasted salty-sweet, which again, is my favorite taste profile.  I’d have to rate it a fine-good on taste!  Presentation-wise… just okay, I think.


The three-course prix-fixe meal included a soup, entree, and dessert for about $25.  Pretty decent considering the price of individual items.  We started off with the Bisque de Homard or Lobster Bisque soup.  Decent, but nothing special I’d say.  Perhaps a fine.  Followed it up with the Gratin de Macaroni or Baked Macaroni, which was made with cream and Gruyère cheese — mmm, cheese!  And cream!  It was pretty tasty too.  I’d also rate it a fine.  Wish it would’ve had a bit of meat or veggies though… it did get somewhat bland/boring toward the last few bites.  But then again, it was a pretty big bowl of pasta, certainly more than enough for one person.


Last up, dessert.  This secondary menu came after we were finished with our main courses.  Choices choices.  We chose the Daily Assortment of Fresh Sorbets (and a madeleine), and were ultimately presented with a trio of coconut, passionfruit, and raspberry flavors, yum!  The madeleine was more substantial/cake-y than I had thought it’d be, so in essence, there was more to share!  The berries were pretty fresh too, always a bonus.  A fine rating earned here as well.


Overall, pretty decent tasting food and good service to boot.  Based on that alone, I’d be up for frequenting Chefs de France again the next time I’m at Epcot… but then again, there are so many other restaurants to try in the World Showcase that I just might want to try something else.  And of course, there’s also the upcoming Food & Wine Festival this fall!

Epcot, 1830 Avenue of the Stars,
Orlando, FL 32830


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