Green Plate, Round Two

I was recently craving sushi, so returned to Green Plate Asian Bistro* to sample something different from their (fairly extensive) menu.  Last time, I ordered the Steak Teriyaki Bento Box, and remembered it was pretty good, so I thought I’d try another bento box.  #roundtwo

I ordered the Sushi Bento Box this time, which includes five pieces of chef’s choice sushi.  I was originally going to order it last time but since my waitress didn’t know exactly what the chef’s choice sushi included when I asked her, I ended up ordering the steak teriyaki instead.  After seeing what I was missing out on, I immediately regretted my decision and vowed that I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice!

033115_greenplate_sushibentoAnyhoo, I was a bit disappointed when the Box arrived, since the chef’s choice was the same this time as it was last time… I guess I was expecting the restaurant to be a bit more… creative.  The sushi itself was okay-fine, in terms of freshness and taste.  California rolls… just standard California rolls… okay.  The spring rolls, a big oily… okay-below average…

Oh yeah, and I got to choose a soup or salad too.  I went with the miso soup.  *shrug*  Okay too, I guess.


Overall, lunch was really average.  I remembered Green Plate being pretty good the last time I went, but I’m not sure if I’ll be going again anytime soon after this last experience.

Probably didn’t help that I had this fake bird staring at me during the entire meal… #birds


9901 NW 41st St
Doral, FL 33178


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