Four-Course Lunch in The Black Crab on MSC Divina

Dining on a cruise ship is the best!  Today’s adventure… the MSC Divina out of the Port of Miami!  Italian-style cruising, somewhat similar to what Costa Cruises offers.

I experienced a four-course (really, five-course) lunch in The Black Crab dining room.  I’d ordinarily tell you about my tour, but since I’m exhausted from spending nearly a day onboard and in the sun — the sun really saps my energy — I’ll just cut to the chase and show you some pictures from my culinary adventures.

First up, the appetizer… Smoked Salmon Roll with chive cheese mousse filling.  The “chive cheese” was only a little piece of chive garnish atop the plate.  Also, what’s the difference between “cheese mousse” and cream cheese?!  The dollops of sauce in the foreground were tasty though… kind of like Big Mac sauce.  Not sure what the green veggies in the back were, as they weren’t mentioned on the menu… I’d rate this plate an okay-fine.


Next up, the soup… Ca’ppuccino, cream of Porcini mushroom soup topped with frothed milk, served with a mini cumin croissant.

The cumin tasted really fresh/strong, but look at that oil leaking out from under the croissant!  Danger!  Heck, if I’m going to eat something with that much fat, I might as well have a croissant donut!  And where was the frothed milk?!  I was most looking forward to that.  What’s up with these misleading menu descriptions?!  The soup itself was all right.  I could tell the mushroom was ground up, which was nice.  Temperature-wise, the soup could’ve been a bit warmer, but taste-wise, it was all right.  Overall rating… okay.


Main course, Ravioli Alla Ligure stuffed with potatoes, green beans and Pecorino cheese, on a light Parmigiano fondant, with pesto sauce and toasted pine nuts.  I didn’t know what to expect from this.  From what I read in the menu, it didn’t seem heavy on the veggies, nor on the meat, so I wasn’t originally too excited.  The pasta itself was pretty good — chewy, but not too chewy — but the stuffing inside and sauce were really very average.  There weren’t any bold tastes to be experienced here, so I’d have to give this an okay as well.  Also, below average marks on presentation.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Looks somewhat sloppy to me.


And last but not least, dessert!  I sampled the International Cheese plate with grissini and fresh grapes.  I did notice as I was eating them, that the grapes were indeed fresh.  The cheeses though, were only average, par for the course given the previous courses of the meal.  I wasn’t sure which varieties of cheese I was eating, but I’d rate the two in the middle fine.  The other two were… okay?  Meh… overall, I wasn’t super excited about this cheese plate.  Even though I didn’t post any pictures of it, Carnival Cruise Line does it better!


I actually ordered a second dessert… the Trio of Sweet Italian Temptations, including Panna Cotta, Sicilian Cannolo, and Tiramisu.  I secretly think the MSC staff saved the best for last, so that I’d leave with a good impression of the food.  Fortunately, I’d rate this plate a fine.  The panna cotta was pretty good, as was the tiramisu.  I kinda sorta also have a soft spot for sampler platters though.  Plus, this one was adorned with a cute MSC chocolate chip.  At least that’s original.


Well, that concludes my food adventures for the day.  Hope you enjoyed following along!  Another ship/brand checked off my list.  It’s just too bad I couldn’t actually go on the Eastern Caribbean cruise too.  🙂



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