Cute & Wacky Kitchen Utensils for Foodies

Hello fellow foodies!  I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to check out any new restaurants, so in lieu of a post about food, I wanted to share a web site that I recently stumbled upon about some of the coolest kitchen utensils ever!

I’ve only ever seen #5 (Mr. Tea Infuser), #15 (Panda Stamp), and #18 (Hot Man Trivet) before, so I guess that just means I have a lot more exploring to do when it comes to cooking in the kitchen… I don’t tend to cook a whole lot myself, as you may have noticed…

Anyhoo, some of my favorites on the list include:

#10 (Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers)

#12 (Hedgehog Cheese Grater)

#13 (Runny Yolk Separator)

Click here to check out the rest and let me know which are your favorites!


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