Paris-dise in Miami at La Provence

It’s nice to occasionally escape to a place that’s much unlike your own, if only just for 30 minutes or an hour…

In the LatAm microcosm of the US known as Miami, I recently visited a little piece of France sitting near the corner of 41st Street and 107th Avenue in Doral.  A little cafe-type shop called La Provence*.

I’ve walked by it a couple times before on the way to one of my favorite restaurants in Doral — Olivos — but have never stopped in to order anything.  The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, which is great when the days are nice and sunny — most days.

I recently stopped by and tried one of their sandwiches for lunch — the Brie LT (like BLT) on Ciabatta.  Really, it was more like the Brie — and Bacon — LT.  In addition to the standard ingredients in a BLT sandwich, there was a nice thick, semi-melty layer of brie cheese incorporated right into the center.

012015_laprovence_brieIt took a while for the sandwich to be prepared, but I think the wait was worth it.  The bread even came out with a crunchy crust, yum!  Overall, a pretty fine sandwich.  The relatively lighter taste of the brie balanced out the relatively heavier taste of the bacon, a good combination.  Portion size was pretty decent too.  I actually ended up eating only half the sandwich and saving the other half for another meal!  Then again, $8.95 per is probably slightly more than your average sandwich…

I’d go back to La Provence again.  They had a pretty interesting/extensive menu, so I’d be up for trying something new.  They also had cute (slightly overpriced) desserts and pastries… which I might be tempted to try too.  Here’s their menu in case you’re interested in taking a look.

10425 Northwest 41st Street
Doral, FL 33178


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