Doggi’s Patacon de Pollo

In my mind, Chicago will always be the food mecca of the US… except when it comes to Latin American food.  There are some LatAm options in Chicago, like Cantina Laredo or Xoco, but there are many more tempting options for other types of cuisines.  South Florida is without a doubt, my mecca for good, authentic Latin American cuisine.

Today’s adventure brought me to the heart of Miami, just south of Downtown and Little Havana, to a little Venezuelan eatery called Doggi’s.  Sitting along an unassuming street in a fairly residential area, Doggi’s offers both indoor and outdoor seating — though to be honest, I felt a bit claustrophobic inside because the tables and chairs were packed so closely together.

Since I feasted on an arepa just a couple days ago, I ordered a patacon today.  A patacon de pollo — that’s a chicken patacon.  Think shredded chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, (a pile of) cheese, and a medley of sauces — but substitute the bread for (flattened) twice-fried green plantain.  Yum!


Taste-wise, the meal was fairly comparable to other patacons I’ve had in the past, like the one at La Coriana in Doral.  Texture-wise, I may have preferred other alternatives… this patacon seemed relatively heavy and left me full well into my normal dinner time.  The sauces were tasty though.  I’m pretty sure one of them was garlic aioli — with emphasis on the garlic!  Overall, I’d give this a fine.

Doggi’s menu is pretty extensive, definitely worth checking out.  (Click on “Pickup” after clicking on the link.)

Oh, and one more thing.  There’s no parking lot nearby, only street parking for $1.50 an hour.  If you’re lucky enough, you just might find a paid spot right in front of the restaurant for super quick entry/exit.

1246 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33145


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