From Farm to Grill, Sea to Table at Green Plate Asian Bistro

Noodles, sushi, and meats.  How could a menu get any more complete than that?!

A frolleague of mine recently introduced me to an Asian restaurant she stumbled upon in a suburb of Miami.  Green Plate Asian Bistro* in Doral opened in July 2014 and claims to be “a combination of authentic Chinese, Thai, and Japanese culinary culture with a modern twist.”  Given my inclination towards fusion cuisine, I didn’t hesitate to give it a go.

I went for lunch and tried the Steak Teriyaki Bento Box.  I originally asked for the Sushi Bento, but decided to pick something else since my waitress couldn’t tell me what the chef’s choice sushi was — and I wasn’t in a very risky mood that day.  I was impressed with the extensive menu of bento boxes Green Plate offered.  (Each bento box comes with a choice of miso soup or house salad, a California roll, a spring roll, and seaweed salad.)

Feeling healthy, I started off with a house salad with ginger dressing.  Standard fare, nothing special there — but not that I was expecting anything extraordinary.  I’d give it an okay.


Next up, the bento box.  Pretty nice presentation and decent portion sizes.  So good so far.  I started with the spring roll and was pleasantly surprised.  The wrapper was lightly crunchy and unlike most other spring/egg rolls that I’ve eaten in the past, didn’t seem to be deep-fried in heavy oil.  Off to a very good start.  I’d give it at least a fine.

Then I tried the seaweed salad.  Again, ordinary, but I wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary there either.  Again, an okay.  The California roll looked ordinary, but for some reason I thought it tasted quite good.  Fresh ingredients.  I’d give it a fine.  And I’m even usually not a fan of “fake” sushi!


I saved the best — the steak teriyaki and rice — for last, which was probably actually a mistake.  Sadly, by that point in the meal, the meat had gotten somewhat cold and was harder in texture than I was anticipating, so I didn’t get as much enjoyment out of eating it as I thought I would have.  It was still pretty flavorful though, so at least it had that going for it.  I think I’d give this combo a fine.

Overall, Green Plate had a nice ambiance — a pretty modern feel — coupled with a fairly interesting menu.  I’d given my overall visit a fine.  I’ve heard the dinner menu there is quite good as well, though have never eaten there at night myself.  I’d definitely be up for dining again — day or night!

9901 Northwest 41st Street
Doral, FL 33178


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