Carnival Glory Cruise Day 7: Second Sea Day

We’ve almost come full circle now — well… I guess technically the ship has sailed around the Caribbean in more of a pointed oval — and after just one more full day at sea, we’ll have returned back to Miami, FL.  Time to take advantage of all the ship has to offer, including the Serenity adult only area — no kids running around and making noise, yay! — the live production shows, and of course my (balcony) cabin!

And let’s not forget the food…

I started the last day off at the Seaday Brunch, after sleeping in of course.

Hey Pork Chop.  Flame roasted, double cut thick pork chop is topped with caramelized onion, served with green beans and carrots.


Rating:  Good.  Very super tasty, but not too heavy and not too much in terms of quantity.  That may look like a buttload of onions, but I assure you their taste did not overpower the rest of the dish.  And look, I’m eating my fair share of veggies too!  Trying to be somewhat healthy, tee hee.  (Who am I kidding?  Look at that puddle of gorgonzola cream on the side… mwahahaha…)

At 3:00p on the dot, the activities calendar led me to Tea Time, which I wasn’t expecting on a Carnival ship (but would on a Princess or Holland America ship).  I’m all about new and interesting things, so I stopped by.


Green tea — with milk! — with mini desserts.  That powdered white thing above is a scone (fine).  Chocolate macaroon (okay) to the right of that.  Sweet-cornbready thing (fine) to the left.  FYI, my “fine” ratings are based on the fact that the desserts were sweet but not overly so.  Like!  Sadly, no finger sandwiches were served.  Too fancy, probably.  About 30ish people attended the afternoon tea, and we were all seated/spread over a few large tables.

Continue on to read about what I feasted on for dinner!  

Day 7: Second Day at Sea
Dinner: American Table, cruise casual

Steamed Mussels: Garlic Sauce


Rating: Okay.  Nothing too special here, just what it says in the name.

Duck Pot Stickers: Orange duck glaze


Rating: Okay.  These were also just average.  Very much so.  *shrug*

Charred Romaine Heart: Green goddess dressing


Rating: Fine.  I gave this a slight bump for novelty.  Intriguing, though not sure about appealing, presentation…

Frog Legs, Provencale Herb Butter: Warm brioche

Rating: Good.  The legs were sufficiently large — and so was the portion size, unlike a lot of the other appetizers served during the cruise — and tasty.  I must’ve forgotten to snap a picture of these because I can’t seem to locate it…

Caribbean Pepper Pot: Stewed peppers, tomatoes, yams, okra, potatoes, and plantain with coconut milk.

Rating: Okay-fine.  Tasted like a thicker version of vegetable medley soup to me.  Not super photogenic, therefore no photo.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I ordered five appetizers that night.  Because yes, I can do that on a cruise — every night too, if I wanted to!

Carnival Chocolate Melting Cake (a la mode)


Rating: Good.  Carnival’s signature dessert.  Haven’t heard of anyone who doesn’t love it.  Warm and gooey in the middle — and great with vanilla ice cream!  Gotta have it at least once every cruise!

So this concludes my culinary adventures aboard the Carnival Glory.  I had a great time eating — and relaxing — on vacation, and hope you enjoyed my mini-series.  Maybe you even want to go on a cruise now???

I’ll be returning to my regularly scheduled programming — mostly eats around Miami — shortly.  And I’ll be making a short trip to Chicago in less than a month’s time, so am bound to have some escapades there as well.  Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!


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