Carnival Glory Cruise Day 5: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Late nights like tonight call for short posts.  So, quickly… before I fall asleep at the computer…

Next stop of the cruise… San Juan, Puerto Rico!  It was very nice to walk around town, actually, in Old San Juan and right along the water.  Old San Juan was filled with historic, colorful buildings that kind of reminded me of an old downtown area.  Essentially what the area is anyway.  I walked up quite an appetite and was totally ready for dinner after boarding the ship in the late afternoon.  Got plenty of Vitamin D during the day, and was now ready for some other nutrients!

Day 5: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Dinner: American Table, cruise casual

Beef Carpaccio: Shaved parmesan, vinaigrette


Rating: Below average-no.  Beef Carpaccio is really good if done right, but that definitely wasn’t the case here.  This seemed kind of mushy.  The texture was just off… and I probably wouldn’t order it again on a cruise ship.

Escargots Bourguignonne: Burgundy snails, garlic butter


Rating: Fine.  I’m pretty use to having this on a cruise ship (and in restaurants), so the novelty has kind of worn off.  Yummy nonetheless, though wish my snails were more plump.

Keep reading for more appetizers and most importantly… dessert!  

Masitas de Puerco Fritas: A traditional island staple, these irresistibly bite-sized chunks of pork are marinated overnight before frying and are served with a Cilantro pepper dressing.


Rating: Good.  Slightly dry, but like the description says, irresistible.  The chunk of plantain was unexpected, but I’ll take it!

I think I ordered four appetizers that night — one of which isn’t pictured, obviously — and no entreés.  Nothing piqued my interest in that department.  Moving on to dessert…

Buttered Popcorn Pop de Créme: Blueberry marmalade


Rating: Okay-fine.  Was kind of wishing for more popcorn here, but just got a few kernels.  Was really in the mood for some caramel popcorn.  At least it was something new.  Couldn’t finish it (like many other desserts) because of the sugar overload… could do without the marmalade.

Stay tuned for my next dinner aboard the Carnival Glory… the second of two cruise elegant nights!


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