Carnival Glory Cruise Day 3: First Day at Sea

One of my favorite parts of full days at sea is the Seaday Brunch!  That’s right, no need to get up early to catch the breakfast rush before heading off the ship, into port.  I get to sleep in late, then go to what I think is probably the best meal of the entire cruise… Seaday Brunch!

I started my morning off right, with some protein… Huevos Rancheros.  Chicken quesadilla, topped with fried eggs, manchego cheese, and mucho más Mexican flavors and other words you wouldn’t understand.  Description courtesy of the actual menu.


Rating: Fine.  The main portion was fine, but the salsa and mole — I think mole — weren’t too awesome.  And I couldn’t really tell what those little fried balls were.  Either way, they weren’t great and remained on my plate for the duration of the meal.

Right around lunchtime, I went to a cooking demo that took place in the steakhouse aboard the Glory, where I got to sample some prepared foods while watching chefs in the kitchen do their thing.  Mushroom cappuccino, baby leaf spinach and fresh mushrooms, boiled supreme of free range chicken, and tiramisu.  My favorite was probably the dessert — though I’m not usually a dessert fanatic —  since it tasted subtly rich, if you know what I mean… rich, but in a subtle way.  Plus, it was quite photogenic.




Overall, all was fine except for the baby leaf spinach and fresh mushrooms.  I mean, a few leaves of spinach and a few mushrooms isn’t really anything to jump up and down about…

Keep reading for what I had later in the afternoon at the Taste Bar and afterwards at dinner… the first of two cruise elegant nights featuring American Table!  

In the late afternoon, I walked by the Taste Bar, and since there’s food involved, I just had to stop and sample a croqueta (okay) and pumpkin soup (fine).  The soup in a tiny tureen was sooo cute!  Normally, I’d go back for seconds — come on, who doesn’t love samples?! — but didn’t want to spoil dinner, so I restrained myself.  Because heh, it’s not hard at all to restrain myself when it comes to food… yeah right.  I’ll keep telling myself that.


Day 3: First Sea Day
Dinner: American Feast, cruise elegant

Tart with Braised Kale, Blackened Pork Tenderloin: Citrus cream


Rating: Good.  A leetle dry, but very tasty.

Broiled Maine Lobster Tail: Toasted orzo with shrimp, broccoli, citrus gremolata


Rating: Good.  As it usually is.  One of my favorite meals on any Carnival ship.  Enough said.

Seared Striped Bass: Lemon, creamy savoy cabbage, sour dough fried potatoes


Rating: I honestly don’t remember what I’d rate this, so it couldn’t have been overtly good or bad.  Therefore, I’m going to have to go with okay.

Malted Chocolate Hazelnut Cake: Warm chocolate sauce


Rating: Okay.  Way too rich for my blood.  Also, at this point, I was already too overstuffed with food to care.  A couple bites and the strawberry was all my stomach could handle.

Needless to say, after a long day of eating, eating, and more eating, I retired to bed early that evening…


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