Modern Latin Fusion at De Rodriguez

Right before I left on my cruise to the Eastern Caribbean two Saturdays ago, I got to see my friends Tia and Chris, who were visiting from Chicago, and we grabbed dinner at De Rodriguez* on Miami Beach.  Latin Fusion, woo!  It’s been a while since I’ve been to a fusion restaurant.  We were originally planning to go for the Miami Spice menu, but learned upon arrival that that particular menu wasn’t available on Friday evenings.  D’oh.  Oh well.

I ended up ordering two starters instead of a main entree because they sounded more interesting than the entrees.

First, Pork “Frita” Sliders.  These were far from extraordinary.  In fact, they were very very ordinary, both in taste and in aesthetics, though I did enjoy the little crispy potato fries — I forget what they’re called — inside the sandwich.  These sliders were tiny — and they came out to be $6 each!  Overall rating: below average.


Second, Smoked Marlin Tacos, rum-marinated smoked marlin in a crispy malanga shell.  Intriguing description, right?!  Sadly, they actually sounded better than they tasted IMHO.  I was amused by the festive presentation of the tacos, but they turned out to be slightly less flavorful than I was expecting.  And I think the malanga shell actually diminished instead of enhanced the flavor of the marlin.  Pity.  Pity indeed.  I think I might rate this one an okay-fine, for the novelty factor.


Oh, almost forgot to mention… as a complimentary starter for the table, the restaurant served plantain chips and roasted pepper salsa (or at least what tasted like roasted pepper salsa… the lighting in the restaurant was rather dim so it was somewhat difficult to see), and while the plantains were also quite ordinary, the salsa was super super tasty.  Props to the restaurant for that!  We also ordered some guacamole, which came with tostones.  Rating: okay.



My entire meal, including tax and tip came in at about $30.  Costly, considering the amount of food I got and how it tasted.  The baby at the next table who kept dropping her books and toys on the floor and her parent who didn’t care to pick them up — one of the restaurant staff actually had to walk over multiple times to pick stuff up — probably didn’t help either!  Would I go back?  Probably not.  But did I regret going?  Nope, I got to try something new!

101 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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