Octopus Causa, Peruvian at a Japanese Restaurant

Today was our intern’s last day at work.  What better excuse for a celebratory lunch outside the office?!

The cuisine of choice was sushi, so since my last meal there was so great, I recommended Kamiko Sushi.  Plus, Kamiko has a decent lunch specials menu, which I had all good intentions to order from… until about 30 seconds before I actually placed my order.  You know how that is when you have a lot of choices.

My proclivity for culinary adventure — come on, you shouldn’t be surprised by this point — led me to order the Octopus Causa instead.  Octopus ceviche atop yellow potatoes and avocado.  I’d never had octopus ceviche or causa (yellow potatoes) before, so couldn’t wait!


Fun fact: Causa has Peruvian roots.  It’s a seasoned mashed (yellow) potato terrine — and in this case, layered with avocado.  Additionally, aji amarillo (yellow chili pepper) is typically added to the potatoes to give them an even more intense yellow tint.  The spice is also supposed to give the potatoes a bit of a kick, but I am fairly certain I didn’t taste anything spicy in the Causa I ordered.

You know the saying “love at first sight”?  Well, this unfortunately turned out to be “hate at first bite.”  

The dish would’ve actually rated okay-fine, had it been eradicated of the mystery pinkish sauce, which turned out to be an olive-based sauce.  Yuck!  No wonder I had a difficult time eating it… I hate olives!  With a passion!  ¡Con pasión!  *shakes fist*  Final rating?  Below average, mostly based on my opinion of the sauce.  But the yellow potatoes weren’t as tasty as I was expecting them to be either.  In fact, I’d say they were closer to bland than tasty.  Well, I know what I’m not ordering again.


Anyone notice the little cutie sitting on the lemon to the right?  Know what that is?

If you guessed a small octopus, you’d be right!  It’s so cute that I want to pinch it’s little cheeks — okay, octopus probably don’t have cheeks, but humor me for a second, will you? — and then eat it!  That little guy was actually super delicious — the best part of my entire meal, I’d say!  Tasty, but not overbearingly flavorful or salty.  And chewy enough, yet also firm enough — for “chewy” seafood, if you know what I mean.  Yeah, you know… squid and the like.

082114_kamiko_tunatartareI gotta say, I was sure glad my lunch party ordered some appetizers before the entrees, or else I would’ve been starving for the rest of the day.

First up… Tuna Tartare… a mix of chopped tuna, avocado, scallions, sesame oil, and ponzu sauce.  Presented very nicely, as expected from my last experience.  One of my co-workers is being silly in the photo there — what’s a girl to do?  Anyhoo, rating?  Fine!

Next up… Lobster Tempura… lobster meat fried in batter and served with spicy creamy sauce on the side.  Despite the relatively small portion size, the chunks of lobster meat seemed to be fresh (vs. frozen).  If they were, impressive.  The spicy sauce was a good level of spicy and also pretty tasty.  Like.  Rating?  I’d give this a good!


Overall, I definitely enjoyed the appetizers at Kamiko, and while I didn’t enjoy my entree all that much — or really, at all — I have myself to blame for that, so I can’t penalize the restaurant.  Kamiko’s still one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the Doral/Miami area.

I hope this post inspires you to explore more of the exotic wonders of the culinary world!


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