Pad Thai Lunch Special at Umami

Pad Thai, one of my all-time favorite Asian classics… and what I ordered for lunch at Umami* today!

Pros?  Since I ordered the lunch special, it came with my choice of soup or salad — salad it was.  I was particularly impressed that the salad bowl was actually chilled — not something I typically encounter!  Also, the size of the main entree was ginormous (though it might not look like it from the picture), so that was a win too.  #doublelunch #lunchanddinner

Cons?  The salad was swimming — or maybe drowning is a more appropriate description — in ginger dressing.  I mean really… did I order salad with ginger dressing or sweet ginger soup with lettuce?!  Also, the rice noodles weren’t very chewy, and I was surprised to find bell peppers hiding among my noodles.  Since when were bell peppers an ingredient of Pad Thai?!  (Not that I really cared that much since I actually like bell peppers…)  Should’ve known better from a restaurant that only earned 3.5 stars on Yelp.  Despite ~150 ratings, my optimism got the best of me!

081414_umami_salad081414_umami_padthaiAlso, did you notice the mountain of peanuts next to the noodles?!  Just wanted to point that out in case you didn’t.  That was one HUGE buttload of nuts that remained unconsumed, as that particular contrast of hard and soft textures just doesn’t work for me.  On a related note, did you know that nuts are actually fruits?  #mindblown

Overall, the food was edible — rating: okay — but I probably wouldn’t order it again.  In fact, there’s a pretty low likelihood I would return to Umami again, given the other (read: better) Japanese restaurants in town.

Umami does get a shout out for having a lot of seating available, so at least we weren’t worried about getting a table there during peak lunch hours.  Woo.

Anyway, since I ❤ noodles, I probably critique harsher than your average Jane.  But hey, if I’m not enjoying what I eat, why eat at all?

1400 NW 87th Ave
Doral, FL 33172


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