Steak Bomb-ing It Up At the Philly Steak Sub Shop

Ever order food to go even though you’re dining in at a restaurant?  I definitely do!  It’s so much more convenient because you don’t have to go back to the counter to ask for a box or a bag — or whatever other container is available — after you’ve decided you can’t stuff your belly anymore.

I must say though, one downside of getting your food to go is that it’s not as pretty to take pictures of.  Yeah, yeah, cry me a river… *violins playing*  You may think the taste of the food is more important than the looks, but looks are pretty darn important to a foodie photographer!

081214_phillysteak_steakbomb_1Anyhoo, this foodie photographer hasn’t had a Philly cheesesteak in a while, so the cure was to stop by the Philly Steak Sub Shop* for lunch today.  I ordered the Steak Bomb, which is your standard cheesesteak with beef and (provolone) cheese — plus onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, and bacon.  12″ was the way to go — go big or go home — since it was only $1.25 more than the 6″!  (Um… who can say lunch for tomorrow?!)

081214_phillysteak_steakbomb_2The unpackaged product looked less smushed and more delicious, but I had the restaurant pack it for me because I knew I couldn’t finish it and would need to wrap up the rest for tomorrow anyway.  Yay for efficiency!

Rating?  First few bites were fine, but after that, I had to downgrade the sandwich to okay because the meat started to dry up and I decided it could use a slight boost in flavor.  I’ve had better, but it was still a decent sandwich.  Would I go back to the Shop?  Yeah, probably.  Especially since I get a free cookie for paying in cash!

It also helps that they’ve got a few shelves of the essential everyday items for patrons to purchase while they’re waiting in line to order.  6 oz. Colgate toothpaste for $2, anyone?  Hey, that’s actually not a bad deal!

8351 NW 12th St
Doral, FL 33126


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