Snackin’ on Some Potato Skins at Doral Ale House

Restaurants are a great place to hold meetings.  They offer social, relaxed environments and more importantly… food (duh)!  Really, what more could you ask for?

After work yesterday, my fellow Voice of Champions Toastmasters and I stopped by the Doral Ale House* to grab a quick bite to eat and discuss some practical matters.

While chatting, I munched on some potato skins, which were actually pretty substantial.  Not the kind where most of the insides are scooped out, leaving just the skin, sparsely topped with cheese, onion, and sour cream.  No sir!  These potato skins were half potatoes in disguise, with ample surface area on top for cheese, bacon, and onions.  (The sour cream and lettuce came on the side… or really, in the middle.)


In fact, I only ate one and a half of those bad boys, but was full up for the next 2 hours or so!  (Maybe I just have a small stomach?)  I particularly enjoyed the crispy edges, though would conclude that the skins tasted average, nothing beyond my expectations.

Later in the evening though, I felt like an overgrown blob for consuming such fatty, calorie-packed junk, and my stomach wasn’t feeling as uppity as it normally does, so I may have to downgrade the Ale House from okay to below average.  Lesson learned.

And since this wasn’t my second below average experience there, it might be safe to say that I won’t be going back anytime in the near future.

3271 NW 87th Ave
Miami, FL 33172


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