Pan-Asian Potluck at P.F. Chang’s

After a looooong tiring (weekend) day of work, a few co-workers and I headed over to P.F. Chang’s at Mary Brickell Village for a late lunch — or I suppose early dinner, depending on how you want to look at it.  T’was about 4:00p when we got there.  No matter, Pan-Asian is pretty good at any time of the day.  Just sayin’.

Mentally immobilized and physically exhausted, we wanted food in our bellies ASAP, so we flagged the waiter over almost immediately after we sat down at a table.  We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and I’m sure some of us didn’t even eat breakfast!

080314_pfchangs_lettucewrapsAs a starter for the table, we chose Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps, the restaurant’s signature appetizer with wok-seared chicken, mushrooms, green onions, and water chestnuts over crispy rice sticks and lettuce cups.  I’d give it 4 stars out of 5, fine.  The red dipping sauce on the left was spicy, but there was a hint of something in there that didn’t play well with my taste buds, so I avoided it like the plague.  Bleh.

We also ordered four dishes to share for the table… a rice dish, a noodle dish, a chicken dish, and a beef dish.  #familystyle

080314_pfchangs_friedriceRice… Chang’s Fried Rice.  Made with egg, julienne carrots, bean sprouts, scallions, and shrimp, and tossed in soy sauce.  Decent fried rice in my opinion, though nothing out of the ordinary.  That’s why it only gets a fine rating.  Just enough flavor, not too salty, which is a good thing!

080314_pfchangs_noodlesNoodle… Chiang Mai Curry Noodles with Chicken, a seasonal item.  Egg noodles — #ilovenoodles — with chicken, Fresno peppers, cilantro, and a coconut-curry infused broth, garnished with Brussels sprouts and topped with crispy wontons.  Sounds delicious, right?!  While my suggestion, I have to sadly admit that it turned out to be my least favorite of the afternoon, though the Brussels sprouts plated around the edge were a nice aesthetic touch.  I blame the ginger for downgrading my experience… ginger, dislike.  Noodle rating, just okay.  Probably wouldn’t order it again.

080314_pfchangs_spicychickenChicken… Chang’s Spicy Chicken.  Bite-size white meat chicken with sweet and spicy chili sauce.  Yum!  The only way this could’ve been better was if the white meat was replaced with dark meat.  But white meat is probably healthier anyway.  This rates at least fine on my scale, if not higher.

080314_pfchangs_mongolianbeefBeef… Mongolian Beef.  Slightly crispy and very tasty.  This gave the Spicy Chicken a run for its money — I’m not sure which of the two I like better.  My only critique was that there were so many scallions that I wasn’t really sure whether I was supposed to eat them like veggies or whether they were just used to add flavor.  (I actually didn’t eat any.)  The flank steak was wok-seared, with scallions and garlic.  Sweet and salty, an awesome combination, as I’ve mentioned before!  This dish also rates no lower than fine.

Of course I left some room for dessert, and we chose Banana Spring Rolls and Vanilla Cream Wontons.  Banana Spring Rolls were crispy and caramel-y… so good!  And yes, I might actually have to give that a good, even though I’m not typically a dessert fanatic.  The Vanilla Cream Wontons were just okay.  Excess cream and petiteness contributed to the average rating.



Overall, I’d say the meal was fine.  4 out of 5 stars!

FYI, late lunch doesn’t mean no dinner.  Just two hours later (at dinnertime), I ate again.  #fatty  Needless to say, I am ready to dive into a food coma right… about… now…

901 S Miami Ave #104
Miami, FL 33130


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