Lime Opens Nearby, Offers Eight Varieties of Salsas

Since I didn’t have a great Mexican experience yesterday, I thought I’d give it another try today… with something a bit more mainstream.

Lime Mexican Grill just opened near my office, so a couple co-workers and I stopped by to grab a quick lunch.  Seemed to be a pretty popular lunch spot, as the line was out the door when we arrived.  There’s also an outdoor — covered, I might add — seating area, which looked very inviting!

At first glance, the menu seemed fairly extensive, but after reading the fine print, we noticed that many items only differed by one or two ingredients.  Bummer.  Regardless, I ordered three Original Tacos (two soft and one crunchy) with chicken.  Was super excited about the chips on the side since the restaurant also offers eight different types of salsas.  Eight, really?!

After ordering, I made a beeline to the salsa station to pick up some dippers while I waited for my food to arrive.  (On my way over, I passed a wall of hot sauces that I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of.)


Here are the tacos.  I must say… this Lime location must still be trying to work out all its kinks.  (They only opened within the past week or two, so I suppose that’s not unreasonable.)  Unfortunately, the chicken was tasteless.  Wait, let me rephrase… my chicken tasted burnt.  Ick.  It was also quite dry.  But I suppose that makes sense if it was burnt.  #logic


My excitement over the salsas quickly turned to disappointment.  The pineapple one — bright yellow, far right — was fine, but the others rated below average or okay at best in my book.  None of the flavors particularly popped.  Speaking of salsas, what’s your favorite, here or otherwise?


I will say… Lime does get props for its great customer service (i.e. offering water to patrons standing in line, stopping by our table to offer additional assistance), but even that couldn’t quite salvage the (taste of the) meal.  We unanimously decided Chipotle was better, and in jest, also talked about starting a franchise nearby.  #chipotle4eva

Back at the office, other co-workers mentioned that Lime was great and that they loved it, so maybe we were just unlucky today.  I suppose I’d be willing to give it another try.  Plus, apparently the Governor of Florida (Rick Scott) eats there too — he was there with his posse / security today — so it can’t be that bad, can it?  Eh, ask me again in a few months…


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