Choriqueso from Tenango’s Taqueria

Ever order food for no other reason than…  it sounds intriguing?  I often do — and am always up for trying something new, like the patacón I had a couple days ago!  For lunch today, I ordered Choriqueso, a Mexican appetizer comprised of sausage (chorizo) and cheese (queso), at Tenango’s Taqueria*.


The Choriqueso came in a small bowl, with 6-7 small flour tortillas on the side, to wrap the sausage and cheese.  I must say… while I don’t deny that the combination of ingredients was flavorful, it got kind of boring after a couple bites.

The cheese was somewhat melty but also somewhat stiff at the same time (ugh), so got kind of difficult to separate, but I felt like the dish was missing something… perhaps some onions?  Or maybe bell peppers?  Just something to balance out the saltiness.  I did appreciate that there was an adequate number of tortillas, but that was probably the only thing I appreciated.


Overall rating?  I guess I’ll go with okay.  Erm… mostly because I’m feeling somewhat nice.  Probably doesn’t help that the waitress didn’t bring my guacamole though…

Oh, almost forgot, all diners get a cup of chips, bean dip, and salsa to start off the meal.  Guess I forgot to mention that until now because well… it wasn’t very memorable.  The corn chips were somewhat stale and the bean dip and salsas weren’t terribly tasty.  In fact, I’d rate the dippers okay and below average, respectively.  The red salsa had a smoky taste to it, which was not quite the profile I was expecting.


Overall assessment?  The analyst in me concludes that Tenango’s Taqueria’s price-to-taste/value ratio lands it on my do not re-visit list.  #oneanddone

8349 NW 12th St
Doral, FL 33126


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