Venezuelan Patacón, the Twice-Fried Plantain Sandwich

What’s the essential ingredient in any sandwich?  Why the bread, of course!

Now, imagine a sandwich without bread.  In place of bread, think twice-fried green plantains — some of you may know these as tostones — sliced lengthwise.  Sound delicious?  Well, it is!  The Venezuelan patacón is a sandwich made with two slices of twice-fried green plantains and filled with a choice of meat (chicken, pork, beef, etc.), as well as cheese, lettuce, and sauce/salsa.

Tucked away in the Miami neighborhood of Doral is a Venezuelan restaurant called La Coriana* that serves great patacones (and for the record, no, that does not have an accent on the “o”).  For lunch, I ordered a patacón with chicken.



The fried green plantains didn’t taste over-fried, like those which I’ve experienced at other restaurants, and the filling was flavored just right, not too light and not too strong.  I’m not exactly sure what the white sauce was, but can assure you it was also pretty tasty.  Portion size was just right, too.  I felt full, but not uncomfortably so.

You know what?  I just might have to rate this one a good.

3655 NW 107th Ave
Doral, FL 33178


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