Carnival Conquest: Lunch on Lido

Today would’ve been a great day for cruising, but since I’m not on vacation, I settled for lunch on a cruise ship instead.  Carnival Conquest here I come!

Fun fact: Carnival Cruise Lines has 24 ships in its fleet and my goal is to set foot on all of them.  Might be tricky though, since one of the ships — and soon to be two — currently sails out of Australia.

The Conquest offers a decent number of dining stations on the Lido deck, including Fish & Chips, Italian, Southern Comfort, Guy’s Burger Joint, Blue Iguana Cantina, Pizza Pirate, Deli, and Sweet Spot.  They weren’t all open for lunch today, but a majority of them were.

I started off my meal with a small cup of ceviche from Fish & Chips.  I’d bet that most passengers don’t know about this station, since it’s tucked away on the upper Lido.  The ceviche included mostly shrimp, but also bits of calamari and scallops (I think), along with diced bell pepper and onion.  Rating… okay.  Would’ve been nice if there were more calamari and scallops…


I tried the Italian station next.  Nothing much to say here, but it receives a rating of okay too.


Next up, Southern Comfort.  I was expecting this station to be okay, but I think I’d actually give it a fine!  From left to right, rice & turkey, breaded/fried fish, pasta salad, and corn fritters.  Everything was flavored well and nothing was over-flavored.  The corn fritters were crunchy on the outside, yet creamy on the inside!  #sobadbutsogood


Couldn’t leave without having one of Guy Fieri’s burgers, so stopped by and grabbed a Straight Up, a burger with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and (delicious) donkey sauce, and fries.  Of course I also grabbed some extras at the toppings bar… sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms, and fried bacon.  And ketchup for my fries.  Shockingly, one of Guy’s burgers can run just south of 2,000 calories.  *shiver*  Yep, I’ll be besties with the gym by the end of this week.  Burger rating… fine!


I purposely didn’t finish the burger because I wanted to leave room for dessert.  Stopped by the Sweet Spot for some mango mousse, lemon meringue, and cheesecake.  (FYI, the mousse and cheesecake are wildly popular throughout the Carnival fleet!)  I finished the mousse and half of the cheesecake — it’s pretty sweet, so I couldn’t get through all of it — but was only able to get through two bites of the meringue, which wasn’t nearly as tasty as the other two options.  Mousse/cheesecake, fine.  Meringue, meh, okay I guess.


I thought about getting a scoop of ice cream afterwards — unlimited soft serve!!! — but ultimately decided against it.  I figured I had already clogged my arteries enough for one meal.  #fatty

There’ll always be next time…


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