Pollo Salteado at Mi Lindo Ecuador

There’s clearly a plethora of Latin American cuisines to choose from in Miami… Peruvian, Honduran, Venezuelan, Mexican, Colombian, Argentinian… you name it!  The list goes on and on.

Around lunchtime today, I consulted Yelp to see what restaurants in the area I hadn’t yet tried.  Landed on an Ecuadorian establishment that received (relatively few) but relatively good reviews.  Mi Lindo Ecuador*, which translates to “my cute/beautiful Ecuador.”  Spanish was apparently the common verbal currency at this place too… but that made much more sense in this context than at the Italian restaurant yesterday.

I ordered the Pollo Salteado (“sauteed chicken”) Special, which also came with a bowl of lentil soup, rice, and naranjilla (an orange-y, citrus-y juice).  I think my photos gave the meal way more credit than it deserved.  I mean, it was okay, and even though it exceeded my expectation in some areas (like the fact that it came with a glass of naranjilla juice and that the bowl of lentil soup was HUGE), it felt short in one key aspect.



The portion of pollo salteado in the “Pollo Salteado” seemed way too small.  I only counted four pieces of chicken on my plate — but there was a buttload of chopped, sauteed onions!  Maybe also a piece or two of bell pepper and tomato as well… but really, what happened to the other half of my meal?!  Skimpsville USA.

Also, the soup of chicken and onions was poured over two seemingly random pieces of lettuce, which IMO was slightly off-putting.  And the french fries… ah the french fries… stiff and tasted like they were fried in re-purposed oil.  Good thing there were only about 10 of them.  Did you know that one official serving of french fries is actually around 10 fries?

Getting back to the lentil soup for a second… it was good to try something new, but it definitely wasn’t anything to write home about.  The potato and cheese in the soup were a welcome surprise, but the beans would’ve been better if they were cooked longer.  (Mushy lentils FTW!)  Clever strategy to fill patrons up with a large bowl of bean soup before they dig into the rest of the meal though…


This may have been the first restaurant I’ve been to that provided a lime juicer with their limes, so props to Mi Lindo Ecuador for that.  Personally, I don’t really care for lime, but one of my co-workers raved about the juicer… until she saw that the table next to us also got one.  #equality


Oh yeah, and I can’t forget the spicy “picante” sauce — that’s the brown stuff on the bottom left — which consisted of chopped cilantro, onions… other veggies… and um, spicy stuff.  And I mean SPICY spicy stuff.  Not quite the burn-the-roof-off-your-mouth type of spicy, but still relatively spicy considering sauces I’ve tried at other LatAm restaurants in Miami.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t like it though.  Because I did.

What’s your favorite Latin American cuisine?

8726 NW 26th St #18
Doral, FL 33172


One thought on “Pollo Salteado at Mi Lindo Ecuador

  1. Too bad about the lentil soup ’cause I like lentil soup. Food looks good – too bad for just an ‘okay’ rating.

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