BBQ at Lillie’s Q

Thanks to the rain — and the World Cup on TV — I didn’t actually make it out to have lunch on a cruise ship this weekend, as I had originally planned.  Bummer, since that was going to be the content for this next post, but alas life moves on…  Since it’s Independence Day weekend, I think I’ll blog about something BBQ-y, perhaps another one of my culinary adventures in Chicago.  Lille’s Q* it is.

061514_lilliesq_menuLillie’s Q is an American Southern Comfort BBQ restaurant in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.  It first opened it’s doors to the public in 2010 and is known for its award-winning BBQ sauces and smoked meats.  (Oh, and another cool thing about the restaurant is that they pour you water in small mason jars.)  When I used to live in Chicago, my friends and co-workers told me it was a must-visit, but unfortunately I left town before giving it a try, so thought I’d stop by this time around for lunch.

Since I had finished breakfast no more than two hours earlier that same day, I wasn’t in the mood for anything super heavy, so ordered myself a Q Salad.  That’s Boston Bibb lettuce, Southern caviar, tomatoes, avocado, red onion, and corn bread croutons.  Oh, and I also topped it off with some pulled pork.  C’mon, how was I going to pass up the chance to sample one of the restaurant’s specialties?!  (And just in case you were wondering, Southern caviar has no relation to actual caviar.  It’s actually a combination of some “Southern-style” veggies.  Here’s the recipe if you’re curious.)


The salad was pretty tasty and I probably could’ve eaten it without any salad dressing!  The caviar veggies, combined with ripe tomatoes and avocado, added subtle, yet adequate flavor.  Can’t say the same about the pulled pork though, as it was rather bland.  Guess that’s why there were six flavors of BBQ sauces to choose from.  I made a point to sample each one — I liked Smoky the best, as it was both salty and sweet — but wasn’t particularly tempted to slather my entire salad in sauce.

Overall, the Q Salad would’ve received a “good” rating, but I think the inherent blandness of the pulled pork brought it down a notch to “fine.”

To go along with my salad, I chose the smoked tomato vinaigrette salad dressing — I love vinaigrettes! — and didn’t regret my decision for a second!  (The other options were ranch, Maytag bleu cheese, apple cider vinaigrette, and mustard vinaigrette.)  As I already mentioned, I probably could’ve eaten the Q Salad without any dressing at all, but the tomato vinaigrette made it that much better.

Needless to say, despite eating breakfast only two hours earlier, I still had no trouble finishing off this meal.  #victory

1856 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60622


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